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Create a Simple Egg Carton Easter Gift the Grandkids will LOVE!

We’re always looking for a fun and simple Easter gift idea that we can customize for a grandchild, friend, a neighbor or teacher and this little idea is perfect for that! We found these adorable egg cartons, linked HERE on Amazon and we love the spring colors they come in. To create these you’ll just need the five supplies listed below:

Egg Carton Easter Gift Supplies:

  • Egg cartons (linked above on Amazon OR Hobby Lobby)

  • White shredded paper (for a pop of extra color)

  • Variety of candy

  • Small accessories like lip balm, play dough, small succulent, tea light, bracelet, etc

  • Pastel twine


  1. We made multiple gift cartons so we simply set out one of each egg carton color and then added some white shredded paper to them.

  2. We then filled the cartons with candy in a variety of sizes and to personalize them a little more we added a small container of play dough to one, a tiny succulent to another, and a personalized "Gigi" bracelet. We found our succulents at Home Depot for just a couple of dollars and we white washed a tiny clay pot and transferred it to that. You can check out Gigi Susie's post on how to white wash your clay pot, HERE! It's a simple DIY.

  3. Once your cartons are filled, close them up and wrap a double strand of your pastel twine around the outside and tie into a bow. That’s it!

We love how cute our egg cartons turned out and I’m sure yours will as well!! So grab your supplies and your egg cartons on Amazon and you’ll have fun making these in no time. They’re so easy to create that the kids or grandkids will love helping you make them for their friends, neighbors or teachers. Sometimes, the simple ideas turn out to be the best ones. If you need a new Easter idea for your grandkids, then this one is it. If you love this idea, be sure to read our post on Our Favorite Things to Include in Easter Baskets, linked HERE and the blog that Lala Malana shared on 10 Fun Activities to do with your Grandchildren for the Easter Holiday, linked HERE.

Some bunny loves YOU!


Mimi Jackie


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