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10 Fun activities to do with your Grandchildren for the Easter Holiday

I am fortunate enough to have my grandchildren coming to visit this Easter Holiday. It doesn't happen every year so I am extremely excited. Decorations are at their highest level. I have been thinking of ways to engage them in celebrating Easter. They love helping in the kitchen and relish having "jobs" to do. It makes them feel important and creates family bonding and responsibility. I want to share some of the ideas that I thought would be fun for you to do with your grandchildren. I have included a fun breakfast, a few recipes they can help create for the family meal and a couple of crafts that they can make and use to help decorate your lovely Easter tablescape.

Egg in a Nest - My mom used to make these for my siblings and I when we were young. She would just make a hole in the middle and we called it "egg in toast". This is simply a fancier version of the same recipe but so much cuter. Think of all the cookie cutters you have lying around. The possibilities are endless.

Bunny Veggie Tray - Kids will love cutting the vegetables, if age appropriate, and creating this very cute vegetable tray. Several children can participate and create their own interpretation. They can take pride in their masterpiece and everyone will enjoy the fresh and healthy addition to the table.

Easter Egg Fruit Tray - I found this recipe for Easter Egg Pizza and decided to do my own twist on it. The fruit pizza is delicious but the kids are already going to have more sweets than they probably need so I just want to have the fruit. I have found large and small trays in the shape of an egg but you can make your own using aluminum foil. I recommend using heavy duty foil to make an egg shape on a cookie sheet or tray. Make sure you have a nice firm edge folded up. Let the kids use their imagination on the colorful stripes to create a version of their special Easter Egg Fruit Tray. You can frame the egg with Easter grass or shredded coconut to hide the foil edge. Healthy, pretty and a fun way to include the children in the festivities.

Fruit Skewers - Another fun way to use those cute cookie cutters. These would, of course, be the smaller ones but how cute are these watermelon bunnies. The kids will have so much fun putting them together. Let your grandchildren come up with ideas on how best to display them. I love this vase with the Easter grass. It becomes a fun decoration as well as a yummy, healthy treat.

Yarn Easter Eggs - I found these eggs on Pinterest and thought they would be so cute and fun for your grandchildren to make. You can find the simple directions linked here! It is a little on the messy side but kids love "messy". I think it would be so much fun and actually want to do it with them. I want to make some to match the colors of my decor. You can use yarn or embroidery thread. The colors are endless. They would be fun placed in a large bowl, made into a garland or just placed randomly along the center of your table for decorations. Let your grandchildren decide where to place them. They feel important with every task you assign to them.

If you decide to make them ahead of time to put in their Easter basket, you can place some candy in the balloon before you blow it up. Children will have fun trying to figure out how the candy got in there. More importantly, they will want to know how to get it back out! You can only fool them so long so take advantage of it.

Carrot Snacks - These are something fun for your grandchildren to put together. Using Annies Cheddar Bunnies would also be a cute alternative to the Goldfish. The carrot top can be made from ribbon, yarn or rafia.

Cross Art - I loved both of these fun crafts. What a beautiful way to direct your childrens attention depicting the cross that our Savior Jesus Christ gave his life upon. These are both easy and will give your grandchildren an open canvas to to use their imagination and create a beautiful piece of artwork.

You can get small canvas forms at the Dollar Store or any of the craft stores. Place a piece of painters tape in the shape of a cross on the canvas, provide paints and let the creative juices flow. Heavy paper can also be used as an alternative. Displaying their art as part of the decorations will make them feel special and proud. If you use the small square canvas you could put your guests name in the corner and use it as a place card.

This is my favorite. Cover a piece of foam or heavy paper with heavy duty foil. Let your grandchildren create their own beautiful masterpiece using a carving tool, ink pen or a wood skewer. It will be so fun to see what each of them decide to put on their cross. This would be a beautiful addition to your Easter decorations and something that can be displayed year round.

Jelly Bean Game - What a fun way to get some healthy competition involving the whole family. Include a fun prize for the winner. You could have several containers with different Easter inspired items in them, such as peanut M&M's or cheddar bunnies. Place them in pretty glass containers that could also serve as a decoration on your table.

The Final Chapter - There must be cake! I found these adorable cake pans at Home Goods and just had to buy them. I think one cake mix will work for both. I already showed them to my grandchildren and they have picked a Carrot Cake mix. How appropriate! Miles doesn't know if he likes it but agreed with his big sister, Eloise. You will Just need to provide several colors of icing and a few sprinkles. Who am I kidding? That would be a lot of sprinkles! Now, sit back and cherish the pure joy of watching your grandchildren having so much fun creating the most beautiful dessert for the family gathering.

I hope you enjoy sharing some of these fun activities with your grandchildren this Easter. Creating memories and starting new traditions are well received at any age. Enjoy this special day with your family and friends and treasure each and every blessing.

Happy Easter!

Lala Malana


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