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Our Favorite Things To Include In Easter Baskets

Gigi Lori

Oh, how I love putting together Easter baskets for my grandchildren. The best part about being a grandma is that you get to do all the wonderful things you enjoyed doing with your own children. It is like a rebirth of your life, and I try to savor each and every moment I have with them.

Easter Sunday is a special time for our family and it is always celebrated at our home. We begin the day worshiping at church and return home for an Easter egg hunt followed by brunch. Before the kids leave, they explore all the goodies packed into their baskets. Each year, one of their favorite items in the basket is a new swimsuit. This is a tradition I have carried through since my children were young. Like pajamas at Christmas, they look forward to a new swimsuit at Easter. I found these trunks and the one piece suit at Janie and Jack children's store.

Keeping with the theme of summer swim, I decided to add some one of a kind swim goggles to the basket.

I found some really fun goggles at Pottery Barn.. My grandson is obsessed with the old Jaws movie, and I think this swim mask will be the perfect addition to his Easter basket.

My granddaughters will giggle with delight when they find the heart breaker swim gogglers in their basket. They are finished with glitter and rhinestones, everything a swim princess needs for her next pool party.

Gigi Lori

May the Joy of the Lord fill your home on Easter Sunday.

"But they found the stone rolled away from the tomb. Then they went in and did not find the body of the Lord Jesus." Luke 24:2-3

He is Risen!

Gigi Susie

Easter holiday is so much fun: there's coloring the Easter eggs, figuring out some fun gifts to put into my grandchildren's Easter baskets, going to church and having Easter dinner with family!

Some of the items that I put into my grandchildren's Easter baskets are:

Easter bunny - the first Easter for each grandchild, I always get them a soft bunny from Etsy, with their name embroidered on an ear. This year, I also sewed these cute Easter bunnies - thought I could use them for decoration but have decided to make one for each grandchild in their favorite color and place at their table setting for Easter dinner. You can find the pattern here - quick and easy.

Easter chalk - I have budding artists in my family that love to make drawings on my driveway so what's not to love about chalk?

To gear up for spring/summer and fun outdoor weather, how about polarized sunglasses? We need to protect their little eyes. These do just that and are stylish for the kids.

For the girls, you can purchase here & the boys here.

Bubbles & a bubble machine are always fun & happy! You will save your arm by turning this machine on to let the bubbles begin. It brings lots of smiles and laughter to the toddlers & I actually find myself trying to pop the bubbles, too!

Fun Fact: "Easter eggs prove that your child can find things that they want to." Unknown


Gigi Susie

Lala Malana

As my grandchildren get older, I find it a little more challenging to find fun and "cool" items to put in their Easter baskets. Although a basket full of candy would be their dream, I do try and be a little more creative. Bucket hats seem to have made their way back into fashion and I thought it would be fun to pair them with a new pair of sandals. The girl's bucket hat can be found here and the boy's bucket hat can be found here. Both come in a variety of fun colors and patterns. Let's get ready for summer!

My grandaughter is also into nail decor and I found these Easter themed nail strips at Target.

A Boomerang is a great thing to take to the beach, park or a football field. It might take some practice but will be so much fun when you master it. There are also 3 different skill levels to choose from. You need a lot of room but you can use it with friends or by yourself if no one is around.

A pool float is a favorite for the summer and Target has one for every age group possible. It is a perfect item to add to an Easter basket.

I hope you enjoy some of our ideas and that you have fun planning and preparing for the Easter holiday.

"A true friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg, even if you are cracked". Unknown

Happy Easter!!

Lala Malana

Mimi Jackie

Easter is my favorite holiday of the year and it’s important to me that our grandchildren know the meaning of Easter. In helping them learn the story of our Risen Christ, one of my favorite items to include in each of their Easter baskets is a book to help them in understanding the life and resurrection of Jesus. Some years like last year, instead of a book, I created these wooden crosses and using a piece of string I attached the message, He is Risen. Our grandchildren have the crosses displayed in their rooms as a visual reminder. This is a simple DYI project that the grandkids can easily help with.

If you're looking for a book, here are a couple of my favorite Easter story books to include in their baskets and you can purchase them at this link!

Here's a fun, and easy to throw Frisbee that is great for beginners and perfect to include in your grandchild's easter basket! Frisbee's are always a fun family outdoor activity and this particular Frisbee is so easy for kids to catch, with the large hole in the middle you can catch them in creative ways such as with your arm or foot! They're not heavy but have enough weight to fly easily. You can purchase the Frisbee here.

Lastly, a couple years ago I purchased this egg decorator kit for our grandkids to decorate their eggs at our house. Honestly, I couldn't have made enough eggs, the kids LOVED it immensely and it made for a fun activity to enjoy together on Easter! We used extra large eggs, however you can also purchase wooden eggs at the craft store and use them as decor in your home. Either way this is a great kit that will keep both the kids and adults entertained and happy! You simply place an egg on top and as it spins you rest a marker on the egg to create unique designs. Our grandsons ranged in age from 2-5yrs old at the time I purchased this and two years later, it still works great and they look forward to spinning their eggs and creating colorful designs at Mimi and Papa's house. You can purchase the Egg decorator kit HERE.

May your Easter be a symbol of hope, renewal, new life and fun!


Mimi Jackie

Nana Alison

Filling an Easter basket for kids is one of my favorite Holiday traditions. I find it easier than Christmas stockings because the size limitations are a little more generous, but I always appreciate a few good suggestions from friends an fun to share new finds.

One way to teach children the Easter story is through books and color books. I love Mimi Jackie's book suggestions above. I found this wonderful color book available on Amazon for my 3 year old granddaughter who is really into coloring.

Lately, I have been trying to incorporate clean ingredients to our food, both for our family and for our grandkids. Thanks to Vani Hari aka TheFoodBabe on Instagram, I found these Easter candy swaps. They are available online and you can even find them in some stores.

The Boo Boo Bunny is so cute and perfect for babies and toddlers. It contains a reusable and freezable mini ice cube to soothe those ouchies and bumps and also comes in pink and blue. It is available here on Amazon.

With summer and beach time approaching, I love the idea of spring colored water shoes for toddlers. They are a colorful addition for the Easter basket and they are available in different patterns.

Lastly, these squeeze bunnies from Amazon are a great gift for all ages. You can buy a set and give them to your co-workers or friends. What a cute way to relieve stress.

“The great gift of Easter is hope.”- Basil Hume

Enjoy your Easter Sunday,

Nana Alison

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