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With five grandchildren of various ages, I have a lot of shopping to do for Christmas. I plan on shopping early this year for several reasons. One the pandemic has changed our shopping habits. I mostly shop online, so I need to consider shipping time. Second, popular gifts sell out way before Christmas, so early shopping is a necessity.

I have found five gifts I would like to recommend. I have purchased several of the toys for my own grandchildren. If you want to cement your legacy as the coolest grandparent ever, one of these toys should do the trick.

A one-year-old is sure to love; the Kid Trax Interactive Recycling Truck. Talk about adorable; it makes over 100 sounds and music, along with moving eyes and mouth. This is a ride-on toy perfect for your little one.

For the older boys, I recommend the Power Treads Epic Course Pack. It is for boys five and up. I watched a video on amazon of this cool toy and was impressed. It is an all-terrain vehicle that can pretty much move over anything in its path.

We have all heard of the LOL dolls by now. This Christmas, the Re Mix Hair Flip doll is the one to buy. It comes with 15 surprises and an alternating hairstyle. Yet, the neatest surprise of all, the box turns into a turntable to play a mini record.

For the older grandchildren, I recommend the Thames & Kosmos Mega Cyborg Hand. Kids can build their own robotic hand using hydraulic pistons. It looks like something out of the Terminator movie.

Lastly, I recommend the American Girl Dolls. I purchased all of my girls one when they were growing up. This is a gift that will last generation to generation.

"Some Christmas tree ornaments do more than glitter and glow, they represent a gift of love given a long time ago." Tom Baker

Merry Christmas

Gigi Lori


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