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Play Time for Active Grandchildren

Do you have little ones that just can’t sit still? My grandchild is a VERY active toddler and very coordinated for her age. I suspect she will be an athlete some day but only time will tell. She doesn’t have a lot of patience to sit down and play with puzzles, building blocks, or dolls. I take care of her two days a week and we seem to run out of things to keep her busy little body occupied. So when Christmas rolled around, I tried to find gifts where she could actively engage in some physical activity.

Here are 3 toys that I bought and you may want to consider for your active grandchild in the 2-5 year old range.

The perfect indoor trampoline. The handle folds down for storage.

I'm looking forward to Splash T ball for Spring and Summer!

This soccer set is a perfect indoor game!

By the way, I promise I’m not a Little Tikes spokeswoman. They just happen to have a lot of great activity toys.

Busy and active kids are can be a challenge to entertain and they definitely need to release some energy. In my search for active playtime, I was delighted to come across 49 fun physical activities to do with kids aged 2 to 4. These play time ideas are interactive ways for grandparents to play along with the grandchildren. We all know that Grandma can use some physical activity too. From “animal walks” to doing the limbo, these are fun and clever ways to get grandchildren moving and grandma burning calories (always a good thing). The best part is that most of these activities are things you can do at home at no cost! Check out their website, ActiveForLife. It looks like a great resource to help keep kids physically fit. I hope if you have a “squirmy wormy” toddler in your family, like we do, that you are able to try some of these ideas to keep their little legs, hands, and feet moving in the right direction.

No matter what age or activity level your grandkids are, we all know how important it is to engage ALL kids in physical activity, especially in this current pandemic. Physical activity affects the mental well being of children, as well as adults. It’s important to establish activity at a young age, so those habits will carry on to the teen and adult years. I encourage you to check out this list of 15 favorite indoor activities for kids (even if you don’t have much space).

These are some innovative ways to get kids moving indoors.

Whether you use toys, the ideas above, or your imagination, here’s to keeping the little ones healthy and creating precious play time memories!

All the best,

Nana Alison


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