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Play Tunes for Little Feet

I have an adorable sixteen month old grandchild who is in to everything! I spend much of my day just following her around the house while she explores and finds new discoveries that are not kid-friendly. I must admit that I struggle to find ways to entertain her. She is not too interested in many toys and has a hard time sitting still for long. When I ask her if she wants to do this or that, she usually answers me with her new favorite word, “no.” Let’s face it, our beloved little toddlers can be challenging to entertain, so what’s a Nana to do?

Well fortunately, thanks to her mom, we’ve discovered some toddler friendly music that she is crazy about. It is an album called Bible Beats (for little feets). The performing group is Go Fish and you can find it on any streaming service like Spotify, Amazon, Pandora or Apple Music.

The music is so upbeat, that she just starts shaking her little booty every time she hears it. Then, it’s Nana’s turn to pick her up and twirl around. She also likes to listen to it in the car and it instantly calms her down when she’s having a fussy moment. This album has definitely rescued us from some toddler meltdowns.

You’ve probably guessed by now that this is a Christian album and you’re right! It teaches your little ones some Jesus love while also calming and entertaining them.The best part is this music is actually enjoyable for us Grandma’s! The tunes are catchy without being annoying. Those of you who’ve listened to “The Wheels on the Bus” a few too many times know exactly what I mean, right? These performers are male adults singing in 50’s style bop music, for the most part. One of my favorite songs is “Fruit of the Spirit”. The style reminds me of the 1981 song “Hey Mickey You’re So Fine.” My granddaughter loves “The B-I-B-L-E” song. There’s even a song called “Bible Book Bop” that teaches the books of The Bible from “the bottom to the top!” (That can even come in handy for people like me, who still have to look at the tabs in order to find the right Bible verse.) “Jesus Loves Me” is an upbeat variation on the old classic that we grew up with. I can honestly say that all ten songs are truly enjoyable.

These days, my granddaughter often points to the TV and says “BUH bull”. (We use our Smart TV to stream it in). She instantly recognizes the album cover and gets a little grin on her face. I hope you’ll give it a try! Let us know your little one’s favorite song…and yours too!

Remember to treasure every precious moment with your little ones!

Nana Alison


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