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Five Must-Have Books To Share The Resurrection With Your Grandkids

Growing older brings clarity of mind as to what is important. I want my grandchildren to know the meaning of Easter. We live in a world that does not acknowledge God as their savior. So many children feel lonely and insecure in life. I want each of my grandchildren to know they were fearfully and wonderfully made by God. I always look for an opportunity to share my love of Jesus with them. "For this reason, I will not be negligent to remind you always of these things…" (2 Peter 1:12).

Easter is the perfect time to share the story of the Risen Christ. When shopping for Easter candy, I look for books to place in their Easter baskets. This year I have found some glorious books to share with you.

One: The Tale Of The Three Trees. I love this book. It is the story of three trees and their dreams of the future. One wants to become a treasure chest, the second one a boat, and the third a signpost to God. Their wishes come true, but not as they expected. One becomes a trough for feeding livestock, later to be used as a manger for baby Jesus. The second becomes a boat that carries Jesus out onto the Sea of Galilee. The third was made into a cross for the crucifixion.

Two: Jesus Is Risen. I find pop-up books a great way to capture the attention of a two or three-year-old. This book has lovely three-dimensional pop-ups telling the story of the empty tomb and Jesus' appearance. Although young children will delight it in, older siblings will also enjoy reading along.

Three: Benjamin's Box. This book goes with the Resurrection Eggs. You can read along and open the eggs, which tell the story of the life and resurrection of Jesus.

Four: The Easter Cave. Young children will delight in this book. The rhyming phrases will have your grandchildren memorizing them in no time.

Five: The Legend Of The Sand Dollar. You will be glad you purchased this book. It is the story of a little girl who visits the ocean and finds a sand dollar. Inside are three doves. Her cousin Jack reveals the deeper meaning of Easter.

So there you have it. Five lovely books you can purchase and read for your grandchildren year after year. Most importantly, you have invested in eternity for your precious brood of grandchildren.

Have A Blessed Resurrection Sunday,

Gigi Lori

"It is not very easy, I know, to preach Christ to little children, but there is nothing else worth preaching.” Charles Spurgeon


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