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Helping our Grandchildren walk in faith.

One of the first thoughts I had about becoming a Mimi was that I knew deep in my heart I wanted to instill in our grandchildren Christian values and help them to walk in faith. One bible verse that came to mind over and over again was “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

I was introduced to a great company called The Daily Grace Co that is perfect for little minds to begin their journey. They have items that are appropriate for every age group, which is great as your grandchildren grow. A couple of the items that I especially love for our younger grandchildren are their board books. Counting Through the Bible Board Book, is a perfect way to teach kiddos their numbers, colors and biblical truths in small ways. 1 lost sheep, 2 by 2 into the ark and 7 Days of Creation, etc. The other board book is Sweeter than the Sweetest Honey, which teaches little ones to love God’s Word, that the bible is true and is backed up by Scripture. For our 5yr old grandson, we have the Gospel Conversations for Kids Cards, which is a set of 12 cards that have a memory verse and two questions that you can ask them to encourage conversations regarding the gospel and applying it to their lives. When our grandson is over visiting, I will usually try to find a few quiet minutes alone to share the Kids Cards with him. I love having one on one time with him and I’m pretty confident he does also. The idea was to have the board books to read before nap time, but honestly they love the books so much and reach for them any time they want to sit and have us read a book to them!

For me, it’s all about helping my grandchildren find evidence of God’s presence in the world through the simple things in their daily lives. I smile and my heart is happy when our oldest grandson realizes the joy of a beautiful sunset or a garden full of flowers. One fall evening he told his mother to take a picture of the sunset because Mimi does and it’s so beautiful. There’s truly nothing better! I love that The Daily Grace Co offers the perfect way to make little ones aware of Gods faithfulness, love and beauty. In addition, they frequently have sales on many of their products!

Let’s cherish this Grand season of life!

Mimi Jackie


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