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A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Happy New Year!! I know a lot of us are eager to turn the page to a new year & new beginnings - let's bring on 2021!!

Something new we are starting in 2021 is on the 5th of every month, we will publish a post letting you know all things we are truly loving at the moment: it could be our favorite beauty products, tv series/movies, appliances, fashion, books, etc. Each of us ladies at the Gigi Connection will pick just one thing to highlight for that month and share with all of you. We hope you enjoy this and look forward to receiving the email blasts on the 5th of each month.

Our Picks - January, 2021

Gigi Lori's Favorite:

I like to make carnitas occasionally. I cook a large pork shoulder in my instant pot. When I finish cooking the pork, I use the Bear Claws Meat shredder to pull the meat apart. I find this handy tool so much easier than using knives. The texture of the meat is maintained, with no torn or sloppy pieces. Just another handy kitchen gadget to make your life easier. It is also useful to lift large cuts of meat out of the pan.

Gigi Susie's Favorite:

Many of us received new technology for Christmas this year (apple watches & fitbits). If you're looking for cute & stylish bands to go with your new technology, check out Many different and unique designs to choose from. I'm loving these and have several of them! They are easy to change out to wear with different outfits & are designed and handmade in the USA by a wonderful friend

*If you mention Gigi Connection in notes at checkout, your name will be entered into a drawing for a FREE band. Doogle Designs will be giving away several bands and will do the drawing February 8th*

Lala Malana's Favorite:

I will have to say this holiday season has brought me even closer to my favorite product of the month. I have been using my Instant Pot continuously. I love knowing I can make so many things in a short period of time. I use the slow cooker part of it as well but find the pressure cooker is my closer friend. I come from the days of the manual pressure pot and although I did learn how to prepare with it, I had not used one for years. If you appreciate an array of richly flavored meals, but don't have the luxury of spending hours prepping and cooking night after night, then this a great tool to have in your kitchen. Gigi Susie recently did a post on some of the things she makes for her grandchildren that they love. I have used mine for roasts, chicken, ribs and more. I am not always a great planner on what our next meal might be, so knowing I can make something very tasty in a short span is certainly a plus for me.

Mimi Jackie's Favorite:

Happy New Year friends! I’m excited to share with you a new product and hope you decide to give it a try as well. I recently started using Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara and I LOVE it! I use the color Brynn and what I love about this mascara is that not only does it make my lashes long and full, there’s no clumping or smudging. The mascara stays on all day and easily washes off with just soap and water! Their mascara is 100% vegan and paraben free too. I also love that with every product purchase, Thrive Causemetics donates to help women from homelessness, domestic abuse, fighting cancer and women veterans. Purchasing their products I love is a small way for me to help make a difference.

Nana Alison's Favorite:

I'm loving Levi's Mile High Super Skinny Jeans. They are super high-waisted for those of us with muffin tops. They have enough stretch to be super comfortable for all day wear and wash up very nicely.

**Affiliate links to products we genuinely love are often incorporated into our posts


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