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Summer Books That Your Grandchildren Will Love

The More That You Read,

The More Things You Will Know.

The More That You Learn,

The More Places You'll Go.

~Dr. Seuss

It doesn't seem that long ago that I was planning summer books to keep my kids entertained and not lose what they learned during the school year for summertime. However, it is hard to believe I have been blessed with 4 grandchildren - #5 is on the way arriving in September!!

If you are lucky enough to help out with your grandchildren over the summer, here are some activities and books you can do with them to make learning fun and for them to retain what they learned over the school year. Even if they don't live close by, why not mail them a fun activity or book to let them know you're thinking of them?

First of all, look into your local library. Every library has a summer reading program that encourages and rewards for minutes that a child reads. Our local library sets a reading goal of 900 minutes for 8 weeks. If you're like me, you read constantly to your grandchildren and why not have them earn rewards for their reading. Most libraries, along with the reading program have activities that are themed around their program such as free paint classes, activities, etc. Speaking of the library, our county library gives suggestions as to what the local schools will be reading during the school year from fiction, nonfiction, sci-fi to fantasy, mystery, humor and more. So, why not plan a weekly trip to the library with your grandchild. You can download books, check out books or listen to audible books together with your little ones.

My grandchildren are still pretty young - my two oldest will be entering kindergarten this fall so I bought them each a Brainquest Kindergarten book. The skies the limit, think of things that they love naturally (mazes, science, math, money, hidden pictures, etc.) then it's easy to make learning fun. Below are some suggestions that make learning fun with your grandchild.

Preschool Activity Book - they will discover new ways to learn and play with all kinds of amazing vehicles in this standout among preschool activity books while helping them work on letters, shapes, patterns and more.

Paint By Sticker - includes everything you need to create ten sticker paintings on sturdy cardstock, including a scientific fact about each galactic subjects. They find the sticker, peel the sticker and then place the sticker on the cardstock.

Sports Biographies for Kids - once the grandkids become older, their passion comes out so hit on that. For the sports enthusiasts, you can get a book about their favorite sport or give them 6 issues to Sports Illustrated Kids.

Super Good Baking For Kids- I love to watch the Kids Baking Championship hosted by Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli on Food Network. My grandkids enjoy seeing kids their ages use their creativity and passion for baking competitions. If you haven't watched this show, honestly I love it just as much as my grandkids do. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Here's a fun cookbook to encourage the baking enthusiast.

Remember their interests when picking out books: surf, horses, drawing, colors, history, sports, manners and crafts to name just a few. With technology at our fingertips, there's no reason why we can't find books that spark are grandchildrens' imaginations and passions. I have listed a few suggestions that hopefully will inspire you; however, there are countless books that will make learning not seem like learning to them.

Today A Reader, Tomorrow A Leader

~Margaret Fuller

Here's to our future!


Gigi Susie


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