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Staying Connected

The world feels like a much scarier place than it did just a week ago. The numbers of people getting sick with Covid-19 are growing rapidly. Communities are pulling together while we all try our best to stay away from one another. Family disappointments are piling up: graduations (our nephew is to graduate from high school in May) trips to see new babies (my mother-in-law has yet to meet her new great granddaughter who is now almost 3 months old), weddings – all cancelled or postponed. Just when we need each other, we’re told to stay apart.

It is times like this that Grandparents are needed most. We’re needed to be a source of strength and wisdom as our families battle the stress they are experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic. This doesn’t mean we can’t be an active part of their lives. I’ve listed several ways to help and have fun without being there:

1. Send a big batch of homemade muffins to make breakfast time easier. If you live closer to them, leave dinner on the porch and if not, maybe send a gift card for groceries or a meal prep service.

2. Call & ask your grandchildren Active Questions (can you jump 3 times on one foot? Can you do 3 jumping jacks?) Kids love to show off their skills and be silly. For the very young grand babies what if you got a large puppet and that puppet sang their favorite nursery song to them. By doing this you’re creating associations to you and making a virtual connection. My daughter is constantly using Face Time to allow me to connect with our 17-month old grandson. By just being silly with him, we’re both all smiles and loving it!

3. Using Face Time, you can lead older grandkids on an Indoor Scavenger Hunt. Here is a link for a Scavenger Hunt. Technology can build connections!

4. You could also exercise together. The next time you’re heading out for a walk, call one of your grandkids and enjoy their conversation as you go around your neighborhood. Invite your grandchild to compete in a challenge to see who can do the most jumping jacks, arm circles, etc.

5. Lastly, I came across this idea and I really liked it. I’m going to record this experience (covid-19) for posterity. Someday, our newborn granddaughter and our 4 grandsons will be studying this time in a history class. How interesting it would be if they could also read your eyewitness account of what it was like for your family. It’s as simple as writing down your feelings, observations and the things you’re doing to cope with the kids. I’ll be keeping a journal until the day comes that we are allowed to return to our usual routines. Hopefully, this record will become a family treasure.

Taking a few minutes to do something unexpected will boost both your day and theirs. I hope you have fun connecting from afar! Almost anything can be done virtually, except hugs, but once this is over, you can be sure there will be A LOT of them.

Lets cherish this GRAND season of life!

Mimi Jackie


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