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Mama Sing My Song-The Best Gift

Have you been wanting to give your grandchild a special gift that they will never forget? We

have the answer. Why not give them a song written especially for them and about them?

Recently, my first grandchild, Reagan, turned four and I learned about this amazing company called Mama Sing My Song! They write personalized songs just for children, but it’s so much more than a song with the child’s name. They actually have you answer some questions about the child’s personality traits, their nickname, their favorite things to do, and so on. Next, you pick a song style and then in about two to three weeks, you will receive the audio file of the personalized song, sung beautifully by one of their talented artists.

Reagan’s song has three individual verses, each followed by the chorus and is just over two minutes long. Here is an exerpt of the beautiful song lyrics they wrote for Reagan.

What can I say about my blue-eyed Rey

my curly-haired girl, Daddy’s mini

You make the best cheesy face

friendly, fearless and brave

Reagan, you mean the world to me.


Reagan Joan, so loving and bold

Let God’s light shine in all you do

You’re so wonderfully made

with hands that worship and praise

Reagan Joan, we deeply love you

Our beloved girl

you’re gonna change the world

by loving Jesus with your whole heart

Keep being his hands and feet

outreaching to those in need

and know we’re proud of who you are

The cost is very reasonable starting at $99 for an acapella version or you can upgrade to add the musical accompaniment studio recording for $250. In addition, they can insert either version into an adorable stuffed animal that will play the song with just a squeeze. The “stuffy” arrives in a clear plastic gift bag and ribbon and is very high quality. Check out the short video below. They also have a referral program to give you a discount. Use our code A7GKEE or click here to order directly for 10% off.

We chose to have the song added to a soft white polar bear for Reagan and her Aunt Amy upgraded to the Keepsake Musical version as her gift to Reagan. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and decided to do the same for her sister’s first birthday. You can hear Sophia’s acapella song here and the Keepsake upgrade version with music here. We chose the monkey stuffy for Sophia and it couldn’t be cuter. The website has many examples to help you choose your song style and is so user friendly.

I highly recommend this gift idea for your children or grandchildren. I suspect it will bring a tear to your eye when you first hear their song. It sure brought some happy tears to my daughter-in-law and me. This special song is a perfect accompaniment for your video and photo slide shows, but the most special part is how much it will mean to the child, both now and in the years to come. Our girls sure treasure their special stuffies that sing their very own song, and I have no doubt that your special grandchildren will too.


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