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Simple DIY Holiday Soap Bottles For Gifting!

These adorable DIY Christmas Soap bottles make for an inexpensive gift (less than $3 each) that our kids and grandkids can give to their friends, neighbors, teachers or coaches! You’ll have fun making them together and you’ll LOVE how inexpensive and adorable they are! With there being so many different ways to make these festive soap bottles, you may happen to have most of the supplies on hand.

Supplies you will need:

  • White Hand Soap Bottles (you can purchase them at the Dollar Store or Walmart for $0.98 a bottle)

  • Goo Gone

  • Mod Podge (again I found a small bottle at the Dollar Store)

  • Sponge Brush

  • Holiday Stickers (check Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, they have a HUGE variety) OR you can also use holiday fabric, wrapping paper or even tissue paper!

  • Curling Ribbon or Twine

  • Embellishments (miniature wreath, jingle bells, miniature candy canes, etc)


  1. Remove the label on the front of the soap bottle. After removing the soap bottle label there will still be some sticky residue on it. Just spray a little Goo Gone and it EASILY removes the sticky stuff after letting it sit for a few minutes! Simply wipe off the sticky residue and then using a little dish soap and water wash the Goo Gone off the soap bottle and dry well. Now, comes the fun part of decorating it!!

  2. If you’re using fabric or paper, you’ll want to spread a thin coat of Mod Podge on the bottle first. Next, place your fabric or paper where you want it on the bottle. If you decide to use stickers, like I did, you can skip that step but you will want to add another thin coat of Mod Podge on top (after applying your stickers) because it will seal the material and or your stickers onto the bottle perfectly!

The Mod Podge will dry in about 20 minutes, which is why this is a perfect Christmas craft to do with your children or grandchildren. By adding that top coat of Mod Podge it will seal the material and add a protective coat over the stickers, giving it a more finished look and prevent your decorations from coming off. After the glue has dried you can add your embellishments! I used festive rope, faux greenery, small jingle bells, miniature candy canes and small faux peppermint candies tied around the soap pump. Most all craft stores will have a great variety of miniature Christmas ornaments. You can also do this same technique on most lotion bottles, just so long as the label comes off.

If you’re making these as a Christmas gift for your grandchild’s teacher, babysitter, neighbor, etc. you can simply put the soap bottle in a clear gift bag, add a couple homemade cookies or candies if you’d like and attach a pretty Christmas ribbon. If giving to little ones, you can include a couple small tubs of play dough along with a couple of Christmas cookie cutters! Not only are these fun and easy to make but they’re very useful too!

Making spirits bright,


Mimi Jackie


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