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Shelter In Place

Well, by now, we all know what those dreadful words mean! To me, like a lot of you Grandmas, it means we can’t see our loved ones as easily as before. These uncertain times are just that uncertain. Uncertain when we will be able to see our grandkids, kids, family and friends again and resume normal again! For me personally, we moved to Castle Rock, Colorado from Northern California in August of last year. We are relatively new to our neighborhood/surroundings. I am blessed to have my younger son and his family (a two year old granddaughter and a nine month old grandson) currently living with us as they also relocated from Northern California. However, I have my older son and his family (my two year old granddaughter) living in Southern California and my daughter and her husband living for a year in New Zealand (they will be back in Colorado in six months). So, what does this mean for this Gigi? While I'm writing this post, my husband and I were actually supposed to be on a plane tonight for New Zealand to spend time with our sweet daughter and her husband. She is my right arm, my best girlfriend, my heart and I am lost without her. So, this trip was not to visit New Zealand or another country per se, it was to see where my daughter has been spending the first half of her sebatacle! It was to immerse myself in her daily life and enjoy just being together like only a mom and daughter can do! I will miss spending my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday with her this year. I will miss enjoying the little things that make her eyes light up: playing bunnies, reading, crafting, baking, running and getting lots of hugs and kisses. This Gigi was going to take her to her first afternoon tea! That will be on pause for now - most likely we will, like many of you, enjoy having a virtual birthday party with her. These life moments that we have readily and unknowingly enjoyed, have become put on hold due to these words that have become used over and over again during the last weeks “shelter in place”. I know how blessed I am to have two of my grandchildren with us right now; however, it’s our mother’s instinct to want to have all our children/grandchildren nearby when uncertain times present themselves. It is our nature to take care of our children; shoot, I wish my dad and his wife were also with us. There is nothing like family being together during these times. My blessings overfloweth and I know that; however, I do my best to keep my thoughts positive instead of negative, my mind and body active and myself healthy! This is something that I am striving to do everyday - wish I could say that this is 100% of what I do but it’s not. However, below are some of the things that I try to do daily to keep myself in the right frame of mind and connecting with my family and friends: - Go outside for at least 45 minutes a day. There is nothing like getting out in the fresh air, getting vitamin D while still practicing social distancing. Most days, I am able to go out for a hike. - Eat healthy! Most days I do try to eat healthy; however, I do like to have a sweet treat every evening. Normally, I have a partner in crime agreeing with this sweet treat every night (my 2 year old granddaughter). - I virtually exercise, via Skype, with my daughter and my nieces every day. This is a great way to see their faces and to just touch base.

- Doing a daily devotional to spend time in the Word. Some days I don’t do this; however, I do count my blessings daily! - Touching base with family members - whether it’s a text or a phone call, I like to connect every day. On another topic and due to the times we are in, it is so very sad to hold onto ill feelings towards anyone - especially your family and friends. We are all human, we all make mistakes saying or doing things we don’t mean or say so take the time to forgive and move forward. - FaceTiming with my granddaughter routinely - watching her play, baking with her momma and even reading her stories. My prayer is that you all stay healthy, keep in touch with your family and friends and until we are able to get out again, keep your mind and body busy! Our thoughts dictate our day. Let me know where you are, where your grandkids are, and their ages! My promise to you is that I will stay positive, healthy and active if you will! Us grandmas have to stick together and we will have lots of hugs and kisses to give out once the shelter in place is lifted! Xoxoxo Gigi Susie


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