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My Top 5 At-Home Date Night Ideas

I’m sharing my Top 5 at-home summer date night ideas that I think most couples would enjoy! If you’re like many of us, who are following the social distancing guidelines for COVID-19….STILL, then I have a few ideas for you! The reason I’ve decided to share them is because date nights have always been a top priority in our 33 years of marriage! We’re both busy during the day with our separate responsibilities and yet we also maintain our own “me” time which is vital to any healthy marriage. Here are some of the ways we’ve created our own date nights without having to leave the house:

Virtual Concerts ~ Once again, like many others, we had received our tickets back in the mail from Ticketmaster for the The Lion King musical which we were planning on attending together in June as one of our date nights. So after a little research we came across LiveNation and found many artists playing free concerts, some were asking you to donate to a specific charity, which is really nice. We took a break from Netflix bingeing and instead decided to stream a concert! There’s an extensive list of live events so be sure to check them out. What fun it would be to catch your favorite artist from the comfort of your living room this weekend!

Have a Game Night ~ Let me start by stating that my husband has a strong competitive spirit. So because of this, I tend to be a little hesitant to play against him, I prefer to be on his team. I was looking for something a little different than Scrabble or Yahtzee and came upon the game Qwixx on Amazon. I’m so glad I did. There are over 2,000 five star reviews! It’s a fun and fast paced dice game, super easy to play and also easy to bring along when we spend time up North at our cabin. The game only takes about 10-15mins to play and you can easily stop and start again, if you should get interrupted or want to go make some more popcorn. Another new and very simple game is called Sushi Go! Again, I found it on Amazon and purchased it because of the over 4,000 five star reviews. It’s a fun family card game and again easy to bring along on family vacations or camping trips! You could even double date by using Zoom or Skype to play with friends. Both of these games, along with take out Chinese or making your own pizza definitely make for a FUN and easy date night.

Spark a Great Conversation ~ So lets face it, after 33 years of marriage and spending month after month social distancing from friends, you may feel a little like us, from time to time and realize there’s not much that's "new" to talk about. Especially when it seems like all your conversations are about Covid19!! Thankfully, I have some time to do my own research and came across Our Moments. Thank you Amazon! Our Moments, are conversation starter cards and we’ve pulled them out at the dining table, hanging out on the living room sofa and again while road tripping up to our cabin. There are 100 different questions like “If you could have tea with one fictional character, who would it be?” or “ If you had $5,000 you must spend, how would you spend it?” You may be surprised at some of the answers from your other half. So why not get comfy, mix yourselves a drink and create new conversations together! Our Moments, also makes cards for kids, families and generations (grandchildren to grandparents). I love the idea of those cards too!

Virtual Wine Tasting ~ Unfortunately in May, we had to skip our trip to Positano, Italy and a trip to Napa was also out of the question. We were looking forward to sipping wine, strolling boutiques and taking in the sights. Getting creative, we found many wineries are offering virtual wine tastings via Facebook or Instagram. We came across a company on Instagram called In Good Taste that ships tasting flights right to your front door! Then, all you do is go to their website to schedule an interactive virtual tasting. You could also do like we did and put together a charcuterie board to feast on, have soft music playing, cue the misters on the patio outside, enjoy great conversation (nothing political or virus related) and practice undivided listening.

Lastly, I’m throwing in this one idea for good measure! It’s hands down one of my most favorite things to do, and if you know me well, you know that for me, it’s all about catching a good summer sunset with a glass of Pinot Noir in hand and a few appetizers to share together. The most beautiful sunsets for me are the ones I get to share with my husband as we clear our minds and watch the sky at the end of the day. We’re blessed to simply head into our backyard in order to watch an amazing sunset and I pray that every sunset brings you as much peace as it brings me.

What are some of your favorite date nights that you’ve come up with during this time of social distancing? I’m always looking for new date night ideas!

Let’s cherish this Grand season of life together.


Mimi Jackie


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