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Mother's Day Heart Magnets

As moms, our job never ends. We are on call 24/7 365 days a year and there is one day a year dedicated to show our appreciation to those who go above and beyond: Mother's Day!

Here's an adorable and easy do-it-yourself gift idea to give mom or grandma for Mother's Day from the kiddos. I know it will be meaningful and melt her heart, like it did mine when I made these with my grandkids and I proudly have them on my refrigerator.

Grandparents your grandkids might need your help in making these for their mom for Mother's Day or dad for Father's Day.

Heart Magnets

To make these, you'll need to gather or get these supplies:

Bright white heavy cardstock

Fingerprint ink pads

Craft Scissors

Craft Magnets

**Depending on your child/grandchild's finger print size, you may want to get bigger gems and magnets; however, this size was perfect for my grandkids ages 6 and under.


  • Make thumbprint or fingerprint hearts (my grandkids did fingerprint) with finger inks on the white cardstock

  • Use modge podge to glue glass gem on top of each fingerprint heart & allow the glue to dry overnight

  • Use small scissor to trim any paper that remains around the glass gem

  • Glue a magnet to each flat glass gem and go over the edges to ensure they are glued down. Do this step with modge podge as well and allow to dry overnight

That's all there is to it to make a beautiful keepsake magnet for their mommy.

Happy Mother's Day!

Gigi Susie


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