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Gift Ideas For Mom-To-Be & Dad-To-Be

January, 16, 2022 was a day like no other for my husband and myself. Our daughter, Meg, and her husband told us they were expecting their first child - our 5th grandchild! We were elated not only for them but to experience another sweet grandchild to love.

Meg is our only daughter and we are beyond thrilled for her to experience life as a mom. We were sworn to secrecy until their first OB\GYN appointment. They each told their siblings and his parents so that made it a little easier to keep this secret.

After their first appointment, we met them to celebrate and to see sonogram photos of our new grandbaby. In anticipation for the dinner, I wanted to get some items to share in their happiness. Actually, I wanted to totally outfit my new grandbaby with the cutest of clothes and toys but I had to reel myself back in and realize she was only 8 weeks pregnant and there was plenty of time to do that - you know, spread out the gift giving - ha ha!

Ultimately, these are the items that I chose for their gift bag:

Hatch Belly Oil & Hatch Mama Calm

I know my daughter had been following this blog and recommended some of their products to buy for my daughter-in-law when she was pregnant last year. So this was the perfect place for me to begin.

The Hatch belly oil, which I bought on Amazon, intensely hydrates and reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars. It is non-toxic, mama-safe, feel-good beauty.

I know my daughter loves her baths and I also know that you need to be careful what you soak in while you're pregnant. Mama Calm is a bath soak that is designed with mamas-to-be in mind. Its organic coconut milk and Himalayan sea salt blend nourishes skin as it stretches and relieves tired or swollen muscles (I remember some swollen feet when I was pregnant). It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth and it is non-toxic and mama-safe.

Mom-to-be & Dad-to-be Mugs

These cute coffee/tea mugs I found were perfect for my daughter and son-in-law- just the right amount of cute, but not too cutesy! The mom-to-be mug can be found here and the dad-to-be mug here.

Everyone needs a picture frame of their first baby image for sure. I found one similar to this one on Amazon.

Pregnancy & Memory Book

I am a former Creative Memories consultant and was diligent on creating scrapbooks for all my children; however, I know how busy my daughter is these days and she will only get busier with the birth of her child. I wanted to find her a modern pregnancy and memory book that she would document, but not feel too overwhelmed. I found this one on Amazon. To document in a journal, you absolutely need an archival pen and I have always loved the Sakura pens. You can find them here.

1st Teddy Bear

To make the gift bag complete, I wanted a little something for my sweet grandchild. I found the My 1st Teddy by Baby Gund. These are the softest, sweetest little 10 inch teddy bears and are the perfect size for sweet little hands to snuggle with. You can find them here.

Honestly, there is no etiquette as to gift giving to a mom and dad to be and a beautiful handwritten note is more than enough; however, I absolutely love finding the perfect gifts for my loved ones and friends. My advice as to what to get for the expectant mom and dad is to know your audience. There were items that my daughter helped me buy for her sister-in-law when she was pregnant, so I knew she liked them. She also likes more modern items instead of cutesy, so I kept that in mind as well.

On the way to meet them at the restaurant, we picked up a congratulatory cake and balloon to top off the perfect day!

There is nothing that beats the joy a parent sees in their child's eyes. My mom, myself and my

daughter had an extremely close relationship throughout the years and I cannot wait to enjoy

this bond both with my daughter and my granddaughter - yes we are having a beautiful baby

granddaughter September of this year!

Psalm 139:13-14

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

On a side note, we have four other grandchildren (3 girls and 1 boy) and I know the dates that each one of my children told me they were expecting. Each one is unique, each one is exciting and each one of them is loved beyond measure.

Can't wait to spoil this one as well!

If I knew grandchildren were this much fun, I would have had them first.

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