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In Sickness & In Health

This November, my husband and I will be married 38 years! We met when I was 14 years old and he was 15 years old! Lots of seasons in our relationship over the 42 years since our first meeting in high school. The day we got married, I was 19 years old and he was 20 years old - mere kids! When we took our vows, before our family and friends, we pledged to take care of each other “through sickness and in health”. Those words are written in most marriage vows. However, when we said our vows, it was easy to commit to honoring them when I was in a beautiful wedding dress and he was in his tuxedo not foreseeing any bumps in the road. Shoot, we were so young and had no idea what life would have in store for us. We did however have a strong faith in God and in the commitment to each other.

Throughout the last 36 years of marriage, we didn’t have to try out the “sickness and in health” marriage vows. However on March 31, 2019, I broke my left wrist (which required surgery) and my right arm. Before you wonder “what in the world happened to Gigi Susie?”, I broke both arms doing what I love, spending time with people that I love and biking on a beautiful spring day. My bike tire was caught in a train track, which caused me to fly over the handlebars. It was just a freak accident! So, this accident left me to rely on my husband, grown children and my two sweet granddaughters. My adorable two year old granddaughters would bring me straws to drink from or my phone - they were precious doing what they could to help their Gigi! The brunt of taking care of this Gigi fell on my patient husband - from cutting up my food to bathing me for six weeks! He even tried to style my hair, which I give him lots of credit for! My amazing daughter came for 10 days to help me with those simple tasks that we all take for granted (washing your face, bathing, getting dressed, doing your hair, etc.). I say simple but they are so far from simple when you no longer can do them yourself. I took them for granted, like I believe most of us do, until we can’t do them anymore. Talk about a humbling experience! I was blessed to have my two sons and two wonderful daughter in laws help me out during this transition period. My son-in-law took photos at my granddaughters' 2nd birthday party. Did I mention that I am a portrait photographer? It killed me not to be able to document their birthday party but I am extremely grateful that my wonderful family stepped in to help!

A lot of us are going through uncertainty at this time as we face the Covid-19 virus together. We are apprehensive for our spouses, kids, grandkids, family, friends, jobs or our health. While we never know what the future holds, take the time to thank your spouse for all that they do for you and your family. Tell your friends and family how much they mean to you. Your life "can change on a dime" or in my case, on a train track & you never know when one day you will be the one that needs help mastering the simple tasks in life. We're all navigating "new norms" and I pray that TOGETHER, we encourage kindness, love, respect and patience in the lives we touch and in the world around us. In doing so, we leave footprints of good throughout the road of life!

Stay safe and healthy my fellow Grandmas and your families!

"The Love of a Family is Life's Greatest Blessing"


Gigi Susie


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