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Making Super Bowl Fun For Your Grandchildren

Super Bowl LV (55) will be held on Sunday, February 7, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. The Kansas City Chiefs will be playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their home stadium. This is a first in NFL history for a team to be playing in the Super Bowl while hosting the game in their home stadium. Needless to say, I am especially excited to watch the Super Bowl this year as I was a Buccaneers Cheerleader in 1982 & 1983 & recently performed in a 45 years of cheer half-time routine. Ironically, the half-time routine was performed against the Kansas City Chiefs (hopefully, this game will have a different outcome). If you didn't have a chance to read my blog, check it out here - hopefully, it will inspire you ladies to try something new.

Although your NFL team may or may not be playing in the Super Bowl this year, there are ways you can make the Super Bowl fun and memorable for your grandchildren. While I was born in Tampa, met my husband while I was in high school there, two of my three kids were born there, I cheered for them professionally, we still have a divided sports family. My husband has been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan all of his life, recruited our youngest son to be a Steelers fan pretty much from birth and we have been Arizona Cardinals season ticket holders for 28 years. Throughout the years, I have supported my family through their loyalty to their respective teams; however, this year, I ask them to support my team making it to the big show “whether you like the players or not”.

This year, our grandchildren will not be watching the Super Bowl with us; however, I thought I would mail these cute printable bingo football cards I found on Pinterest to them so they can play along with their family and the first one to call their Gigi and let me know they have a bingo will win a prize! My granddaughters are 3 1/2 and I have a 1 year old grandson so this game is perfect for learning the basics of the game while keeping them engaged as well. I also ordered some inexpensive pom poms for all the grandchildren to have.

For older grandchildren, you may want to build your own corn hole game or purchase one off of Amazon of your favorite NFL team. Actually, this is a fun game for all ages and is great to play all year long!

Last year, 99.9 million viewers watched the Super Bowl and I am confident with covid and the limited capacity at the stadium, the viewership will be up for this year's game. Whether you’re a football fan or not, it’s always fun to watch the Super Bowl for the half-time performances, newly released commercials and to enjoy great company and food. My hope is that you can enjoy all!



Gigi Susie

Are you ready for some football? I know we are at our house! When the adults are watching the Super Bowl game, I always try to come up with something to keep the kiddos entertained so to start, I'll be using our free printable football coloring page that can be found on our website. And also making a few kid friendly snacks for them. Our grandsons love to snack on pretzels! I’ve been making these chocolate dipped pretzels for many years and for several different holidays, so making them was a no-brainer. They’re so simple to make, that even the grandkids can help! I also plan on making football shaped brownies using a cute football shaped cookie cutter I found on Amazon. If you’re looking for a healthier option you can use the football cookie cutter to make finger sandwiches! And lastly I plan on purchasing ring pops and putting them in a bowl with a cute sign that says “Super Bowl Rings”.


Mimi Jackie

My grandchildren do not live close to me so I was trying to think of something fun to do with them for the big game. They are 7 and 11 so it would need to hold their interest. I found a free printable on Pinterest that I thought I would send to each of my kids and grandkids and make it a family affair. It is a sheet of football predictions that each of us can fill out and keep track of our progress. Money speaks to all generations so I am thinking of cash prizes. Nothing crazy of course but just to keep it fun. I also thought of coupons to some of our special family favorite restaurants.

As far as Super Bowl favorite foods, I will have to suggest our go-to for tailgating parties, the Hammie Sammies. You can find many variations of this recipe on Pinterest. I have to make quite a few if my older boys are in attendance as they go quickly. For the grandkids, I simply leave off the onion and poppy seeds on their portion of the buns. Easy to do and greatly appreciated.

Lala Malana

Game day is almost here. We usually go to my daughter's house for a Super Bowl party. There are kids galore running in and out of the house. I thought it would be fun to do some face painting before the game. Let the kids choose their team, and grandparents can score some points face painting. Amazon has some fantastic deals on facepaint. GO, BUCCANEERS!

Gigi Lori

Watching the Super Bowl is definitely a celebration in our household since my family is REALLY into football. It’s a great time to gather family and friends for some fun food and competition. Speaking of friends, football is what brought Gigi Susie and me together in the first place. We met 20 years ago when our boys started playing Pop Warner football together!

Now we’re handing down our love of football to our grandchild, so I have decided to make these chocolate covered strawberries decorated like footballs. Nana loves chocolate and the grand baby loves strawberries, so what could be a better combination? She’s only just turning two, but it seems like a good tradition to start since they are so easy, tasty, and somewhat healthy (if you use dark chocolate).

We will be cheering for Tom Brady and the Bucs, but no matter who you’re cheering for I hope you are able to gather with a small group of family and friends to celebrate!

Go Bucs!

Nana Alison

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