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Spring Bucket list: 35 Fun Activities To Do With Your Grandchildren

After a long winter, (for some of us) Spring will soon arrive! I know many of us are simply excited knowing their clocks will be springing forward an hour in March for daylight saving time and enjoying an extra hour of sunshine! What fun will it be, if we’re able to spend some of that extra time making spring memories with our grandchildren?

I know I have many fond memories of the times my sisters and I spent as children with our grandparents. As we become grandparents ourselves, our fond memories are passed on from one generation to another during the time we spend together, while on family vacations, and over the holidays.

When winter finally does step aside and spring comes back to play, we will not only get to enjoy the warmer weather, beautiful blooming flowers but also a lot of fun spring activities. I’ve created a family friendly bucket list of the best things to do in the spring with your grandchildren as well as a couple of simple spring crafts I found online.

*Best Spring Activities & Things to Do with Your Grandchildren for Your Bucket List*

Our oldest grandchild will be on Spring Break from Kindergarten in mid-March and we're counting down the days! Over his spring break we plan to spend several nights at our cabin as a family. While we love playing outdoors, I’m always looking for fun activities we can do together in the evening. When I came across these two simple craft projects for Easter, I knew the kiddos would just love them! The first craft is a Beautiful Egg Craft and it’s perfect for the spring. You can find the link to this craft here. It’s so pretty and easy to create and makes a great sun catcher or Easter garland which the grandkids can display in their home. The other is an Easy Pipe Cleaner Bunny Craft, again perfect for spring and Easter. This cute bunny craft is

perfect for preschoolers and up, which will be fun for our 3 younger grandsons as well.

Kids and adults can put these together in a matter of minutes and can be found online here. I'm also looking forward to the fourth fun idea on my Spring Bucket List, which is to build a bird house with our grandsons and this will allow Papa to get involved as well! I've linked an easy to build bird house here! And lastly, we have been talking about planting sunflowers (#8) in late Spring at the cabin. The seeds have been purchased and we're ready to go! Learn how to plant your own sunflowers step by step with this sunflower tutorial.

I hope that this spring bucket list and the crafts will bring a lot of joy to both you and your grandchild as you make fun springtime memories together. Let’s do our best to capture the best of the spring season with those we love most, because Spring is definitely on it’s way!


Mimi Jackie


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