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Trunk Monster

I have a short fuse when it comes to the new strollers. I call them strollers on steroids. My daughter bought this expensive one, sort of the Louis Vuitton of strollers. She thinks it's the bomb, and I admit I have been looking for the detonator ever since.

The first time I tried to collapse the stroller, I couldn't figure it out. I was so frustrated; it was one of those balmy Arizona afternoons with temperatures reaching 110 degrees. I'm in a parking lot; my face feels like wax dripping off a candle, trying to remember my daughter's instructions. Was it twist the handlebar, pull up and press a button, or press a button and lift up on the handlebar and twist. I ended up picking the stroller off the pavement and jamming it in the trunk of my car. I realized this is not the way GiGi's should behave.

Since then, I have learned to view instructional videos on youtube when I can't figure something out.

Meanwhile, this battle with the stroller was not going to just go away, it lurked in the trunk like a monster on a chain. I could just stay home with my grandchildren, but what fun would that be. They love the zoo and by golly the zoo they shall have, stroller monster or not.

I was determined to find an answer when an advertisement on Facebook led me to the

wagon. It sounds like something off of Wally World, but it's a real thing.

This state of the art wagon actually folds like an accordion. It fits in the trunk of my car. The kids just love it and who wouldn't. It has this cool adjustable canopy, and a trap door they can crawl in and out of.

It's great for walks around the neighborhood or trips to the zoo. The handlebar is adjustable as is the canopy.

It just feels right, pushing this around, wearing my tennis shoes, breathing in the fresh air.

My life slogan should read "sunshine and wagons go together like swing sets and green grass".

For now, alll is good in the universe, the trunk monster is gone.


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