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Playing and Learning in a Flash

Recently, I was lucky enough to find a set of animal flash cards in the bargain section at Target. They have actual photographs of the animals with the name printed on the back. She’s a bit young for the word recognition part, but she is fascinated by the pictures. It’s been a great way to introduce her to the animal kingdom. When she is at Nana’s house, we concentrate on 4 or 5 cards for her to learn. She is barely talking at 20 months, so it’s quite entertaining to hear her try to say “ladybug” and “butterfly.” Her favorite card of all is the hippopotamus. We recently went to the San Diego Zoo where I was able to get a great iPhone picture of the baby hippo that swam right up to the glass to greet us (picture above). Since that moment, she has been OBSESSED with everything hippo and always asks for the “hup-POH” card.

I’ve been browsing trying to find other cards that she will like and I recently found these pumpkin faces (*paid link) which are perfect for the season. I’m excited to try these and I think she’s at a great age to teach her about moods.

While searching Amazon, I was amazed at all of the different types of cards that are available for different subjects and ages. The great thing about using them is the ability to choose just a few at a time so you won’t overwhelm the child. Here are a few other interesting choices, including some for older kids:

This is a good option for older kids that teaches history (*paid link).

I love this option for pre-schoolers (*paid link).

These are similar to mine, but have touch and feel (*paid link).

I’m so grateful that I have the time for these teaching moments with my granddaughter. It’s one of the many moments I treasure as a nana!

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