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Daddy Can Fix It

My dad has been gone for a few years and I still miss him so much. As a child he was my protector and my mentor. As a teenager he was that guy that kept me from wearing what HE thought was inappropriate clothing. Then, he was the man who walked me down the aisle. Looking back now, it all happened so fast. The next phase of our lives, we were the best of friends. I was truly blessed with great memories of all these events and more.

One of the things that he passed on to me was that you can fix almost anything and he would certainly take on that challenge with a smile. There was no reason to pay good money to do something you could do yourself, or at least give it a try. I found a Father's Day card for him once that had a picture of the Titanic on the front. Inside, was a man holding a roll of duct tape. The message read, " if only you had been there". He loved that card! If ever I needed something done he was the person I called first. He was certainly going to try and he would be right over. He loved a challenge and enjoyed every minute. I would be there watching over his shoulder in awe thinking, how did he know how to do that. You realize you have been doing that since you were a child. Looking for your dad to fix whatever it is that needs fixing.

So my grandson, Miles, learned at a very early age that his daddy could , or in his opinion, should, be able to fix anything. Whether it was a toy, his shoe or his sandwich that was falling apart in his hands. You know, all those things that seem like a crisis at that age. He was just learning to talk and he would run through the house screaming, Daddy FIC it! Daddy FIC it! What seemed to him that the sky was falling was calmed by his daddy being able to convince him that it could be fixed. Miles is now 7 and all of us still use every opportunity to mimic his cute little voice. We don't scream, but if something falls or breaks we look at each other, smile, and say in unison, " Daddy will FIC it! "

It is wonderful to have a day to celebrate our Fathers. If you are lucky enough to have your dad still in your life, cherish this time together. I will spend the day reflecting on all the fun we had and will be forever grateful for all the wonderful things he brought to my life. I hope that all the memories you have gathered over the years with your dad will bring joy to your heart.

Take care and stay safe,



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