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Kimono Crazy

I have had to be a little more careful about venturing out among the masses due to some medical issues. However, I have found many ways of keeping myself busy and, truth be told, have actually enjoyed some of them. One of which is the cleaning and organizing of my closet. It doesn't sound too glamorous but I will get to that. My husband keeps asking me, "What exactly are you doing in there"? Men just don't understand a woman's closet.

I have watched a couple of episodes of Marie Kondo and have tried to follow the KonMari method of "finding joy in organizing." It just doesn't work as well for me as I had hoped. I have discarded a lot of things and do feel a real sense of joy as I am adding to my piles, that is for sure. My problem is that I find joy in so many things that are in there. I love my shoes, dresses, jeans, etc. Otherwise, I wouldn't have bought them in the first place.

I have found, however, a huge shift in the types of clothing I now need for my current lifestyle. I work as a florist which is very casual. I just need some fun things for an occasional vacation, a happy hour, going out to dinner and visiting my kids and grandkids in CA. I am counting on all these opportunities to return sooner than later!

Of course, it is always fun to add a little something new for the season. It just makes you feel good and it doesn't have to be expensive. I made room in my closet and have decided to work with what I have and just add a few things to stay current. Something that works with everything and changes your look accordingly... that thing for me is a Kimono. They are my new favorite go-to. They are so colorful and fun and you can wear them with almost anything.

A few suggestions :

  • Over a dress

  • As a bathing suit cover-up

  • Over shorts. I don't wear shorts that often, but I find that a longer kimono compliments your legs, keeps you cool and looks great

  • Wearing one over a sleeveless top or dress will help carry you into the next season

  • Work: even if it is from home, you will look perfectly put together for your Zoom meeting

  • Adding a colorful Kimono to your jeans and a t-shirt will immediately change your look for a fun evening out

  • It is the perfect thing to throw in your carry-on or suitcase

I bought one for a friend and she took it on her trip to Africa. I wish I could show you all the different ways she wore it. It warmed my heart that she obviously loved it.

So if you are looking for a little change to your wardrobe but want to work with what you already have, you should check out Brandi and her Sisterbird flock help women of all ages to find their style and make them feel good about themselves. There are so many cute things on her site but I am trying to stay on task. Her Kimonos are beautiful and versatile and work well with my plan of accessorizing. She has new ones constantly, but they go fast! She also does a live show which helps tremendously with sizing and avoiding returns. It feels good to be able to help out small businesses while serving my needs as well.

So do whatever it is to "Find Your Joy" while being sheltered in this crazy storm. For me, it will be a cute Kimono over a

t-shirt and jeans, maybe a hat, some fun jewelry and a little of that gorgeous pink lipstick Gigi Lori mentioned in her previous Glam post. Even if I just go to the mailbox or the drive thru take out,

I will look and feel my Lala best. I think Marie Kondo would be proud!

Have fun finding that something that brings you joy!

Take Care!



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