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Falling in Love with the Fall Season

I’m a planner. I’ve always been one. Planning everything from what I was going to wear, when to work-out at the gym, what meals to make for my family every week, to the vacations we would take both with the kids and those by ourselves. And so, for me the planning continues because the Fall is coming and I always find myself falling in love with the Fall Season. If you’re a planner like me, maybe you’ve already planned your Fall Bucket List, but in case you haven’t gotten that far yet, I’d like to share mine with you! Oh and by the way, can you believe tomorrow will be September 1st, where did the summer go? According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, fall officially begins on September 22nd.

My 2021 Fall Bucket List has many of the quintessential fall activities you won’t want to miss like carving a pumpkin, or making a delicious pumpkin bread recipe to share with family and friends, to ideas for creating new fall traditions with your grandchildren like helping a neighbor rake leaves or making a blanket scarf. You can even download this free fall bingo card to check off each item with your grandchildren as you go.

1. Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Of course you’ll want to go early in the season for the best selection of pumpkins, gourds and mums. Sipping apple cider and making memories is one fall tradition you just can’t miss enjoying with the grandkids. The memories are priceless.

2. Eat a Caramel Apple

This fall treat is almost as fun to decorate, as it is to eat! Make one of these delicious caramel apple recipes or try making these marbled caramel apples. They're SO pretty!

3. Go on a Nature Walk

Our grandkids love walking through our property up North at our family cabin. It's fun for me to watch them as they admire all the colorful fall foliage, the pinecones on the ground and the deer grazing! Back home, taking a stroll around the neighborhood has its health benefits for us but also gives the kids a fun way to admire the neighbors fall décor in their yards.

4. Make Halloween Costumes for the kids

Start early on this one as well. I’ve linked the best homemade costumes for the grandkids that are easy to make in under an hour!

5. Go Apple Picking

A trip to a local apple orchard is also a must-do. Orchards are a great place to snap a fun family picture with the grandkids to remember the fun memories made while there. As with all fall activities be sure to bring a mask and practice social distancing.

6. Bake Apple Pie

After your visit to the apple orchard, its time to start peeling and slicing because you know you’ll want to make at least one apple pie this season! I use this peeler and I love it! I have my father's apple pie recipe that I LOVE to make with my daughter. I can still visualize him baking in the kitchen and the memories I have of that will always be cherished. I found a classic apple pie recipe that looks delicious or if you prefer here’s a recipe for apple pie pops. The kids will love eating these! I look forward to the day I'm able to bake my father's recipe with both my daughter and granddaughter! Our granddaughter Ava is just 20 months old; I'll try to be patient.

7. Donate Your Summer Clothes You Never Wore

As you transition your closet from sundresses to sweaters take note of what you have. Any spring or summer clothes you didn’t wear this year can go right into the donate pile and free up space in your closet and it’s nice knowing they’ll go to good use.

8. Make a Fall Craft

On the chilliest fall day, nothings better than staying inside and breaking out the fall crafts. I love making a new pretty fall wreath every year or you may want to click on this link that has 37 easy fall crafts. I love the cozy Sweater Vase Craft and the Fall Welcome Mat which I plan to make one of each, this fall. Be sure to check out all the fall crafts.

9. Help a Neighbor Rake Leaves

We’re all about doing random acts of kindness, especially with our grandchildren and this is one of the easiest ways to help someone out. An elderly neighbor will surely appreciate it!

10. Plant Spring Bulbs

When the leaves are changing and begin to fall, planting spring flowers may not be what you’re thinking about but maybe it’s a good idea to. For spring flowers like tulips (my favorite), daffodils and hyacinth, the fall is the best time to get the bulbs in the ground. Not sure how to begin, follow this link for the entire process (its easy!). I'll be planting spring bulbs in Ava's Garden up at our cabin!

11. Make a Blanket Scarf

It’s finally time to start thinking about cozy flannels but instead of buying a new one this year, why not repurpose an old chunky sweater or follow this link to turn any leftover flannel material you have into a cute cozy accessory.

12. Attend a Fall Festival or two!

In mid-October we have plans to attend Pumpkin Nights at the Princess! It’s a Fall festival at one of our favorite Scottsdale resorts. I’m not sure who will be more excited to visit the pumpkin patch, the haunted plaza, jack-o-lantern lawn with it’s hay maze, the Lanterns of Hope or the spooky fireworks, the kids or Mimi and Papa? Either way, we know we’ll be back for our annual visit during Christmas at the Princess in December.

Lastly, what would Fall be, if I weren't diffusing my favorite Fall blend of essential oils? My favorite blend is simple to create, using Young Living oils. it’s called:

Campfire Donuts

  • 5 drops of Stress Away

  • 4 drops of Christmas Spirit

  • 3 drops of Thieves and

  • 2 drops of Clove. I promise, you’ll love it too!

These are some of the memories we dreamed of making not only with our two children but our 5 grandchildren as well. So as I sit and finalize the planning of my Fall Bucket List, as a Mimi, I’ll continue to search for simple and fun ways for us to fall in love with the Fall season together. My heart is full.

"And all at once Summer collapsed into Fall." -Oscar Wilde


Mimi Jackie


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