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Hugs, Storytime and A New Favorite Book

Many of us grandmas are away from our sweet grandchildren amidst of the COVID 19 shelter in place or stay at home orders. As we all know the benefits of reading to a child or grandchild, I wanted to share a cute book that I created for my granddaughters when they were about 9 months old. They still love to look at it to this day and they are 3 years old!

Because bedtime books were such an important part of their nightly routine at such an early age, I wanted to find a board book that I could customize just for them. I searched high and low for an easy to make and affordable board book of memories from their time at our house: Gigi and Pa's! At our home, we were able to see many different animals; i.e., deer, turkey and owls so I wanted to include some of those photos in the book. This way they could not only see photos of them with us, but also associate the different animals that they can see at our home. I found this to be a great way for them to remember different memories with us!

Pint Sized Productions offers a simple way to turn your memories, stories & designs into affordable custom board books to be cherished by your grandchldren for years to come and they are made in the U.S.A.

They offer many templates to choose from or you can make a fully customizable book for your grandchild and they are offering our readers a 15% off promo code until May 31, 2020. Just enter GIGICONNECTION

Couple of book ideas you could make:

I love Gigi - photos of you and them together

My Little Year - celebrate experiences your little grandchild has throughout the year

My Dinosaur Book - perfect for the little dinosaur expert in your family

Personalized ABC book - great way to learn their ABC's

Cars, Planes, Trains and Trucks Book - for your grandchild that loves moving things

For older grandkids, why not put together a larger book of Gigi and your grandchild's favorite recipes that you make together and add some photos. This way when you're not together, they can pull out the book, think of you and have your recipes easily accessible to them!

No matter the book, for children, reading with a grandparent will help them to develop key life skills, including social and communication abilities. It builds their language development, and their sense of cultural awareness, and inspires curiosity and imagination.

For both Gigi and grandchild, there is the pleasure of simply being together, relaxing together and connecting through a book or a story to build a close and lasting relationship. Reading together inspires you to learn from each other, and to discover more about each other as you share your own stories, thoughts and dreams.

One of my favorite comfy reading chairs for my grandchildren is from Pottery Barn Kids - they are the perfect size for them and you can have their name embroidered on it - isn't it great to be a Gigi? We can spoil them and send them home (they say you turn into your mom and that was definitely a saying my mom used to say - now , I get it)!

Speaking of reading, check out Mimi Jackie's blog post on Grandparenting books - a must read!

Happy reading!


Gigi Susie


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