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Grandparenting Books

If you're anything like I was, as the excitement of becoming a new grandmother for the first time kept escalating, I found myself looking for anything I could get my hands on to read regarding my new role. I was looking for any new ideas, tips or journals that I could incorporate into building a strong and solid bond from day one with all my future grandchildren. I knew in my heart that the bond would begin the moment I learned my daughter-in-law was pregnant with out first grandson.

I wanted to make myself as available as possible and to be a constant positive support system for her and for our son. Offering tips and advice, when asked, and sharing from my past experiences with reminders that every pregnancy is unique and a true blessing!

So, when you're ready, curl up with a cup of coffee and have a good read! As always, keep an open heart and mind as you delve into one or more of these Grandparenting books. I've listed six (6) of my favorite books below and they can all be found on Amazon.

Grandmother's Journal - Memories and Keepsakes for my Grandchild

Dear Grandchild, This is Me A gift of Stories, Wisdom & Off-The-Record Tales

The Gifts of being Grand

Your First Grandchild: Useful, touching and hilarious guide for first-time grandparents

Grandma Wishes

Grandmothering - The Secrets to Making a Difference While Having the Time of your Life

I hope you found this post helpful. Please feel free to share in the comments below a book or journal that has helped you on your grandparent journey. I love adding to my collection.

And remember to cherish this Grand season of life!

Mimi Jackie


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