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An Inspirational Journal on Hope & Faith For Every Grandparent & All Those We Love

Just as there are changing seasons, we too, have the changing seasons of our heart and our faith. I’m not sure about you, but for me, as a grandmother, to be honest, I find myself worrying now more than ever! At times, I lay in bed at night and I catch my mind racing from our children’s lives and our grandchildren’s lives along with all that they have going on. Sometimes, I become restless. As with any season in life – some are busier, some more stressful, some light, and some are heavy. And then, I have to remind myself that I don’t have all the answers. I never will, but I know that God does!

Every day I look so forward to my morning coffee and my time quiet time with Jesus, while praying for direction and guidance over family and friends. A few years ago, I found Gracelaced a beautiful book by Ruth Chou Simons that leads us through those personal seasons, and it really spoke to my heart. You can find her book at this link on Amazon. Gracelaced has 32 short devotions that will encourage you to become deeply rooted in God’s faithfulness and God’s promises. The devotions are written around the four seasons:

· Winter: Resting in God’s Character

· Spring: Rehearsing the Truth

· Summer: Responding in Faith

· Fall: Remembering God’s Provisions

In her book, there are bible verses provided for each devotional. This allows you to delve deeper into scripture, as well as a place for you to journal your personal thoughts.

This devotional has the most stunning artwork by the author herself. I keep mine displayed on my coffee table, which also serves as a reminder to pick it up again and again. It will inspire you to draw near to God and allow yourself time to be still and really savor your quiet time with Him.

I’ve bought several copies of Gracelaced to give as gifts to friends and family on their birthdays. This beautiful devotional reminds me to keep my gaze on Jesus and to trust him during each season of my life and I hope it would encourage you as well during the changing seasons of your heart, day by day.

The author Ruth Chou Simons truly has not only found, but has also shared her desire to find God’s grace laced through everyday life. And as she states, we don’t have to be blooming to be growing. I love that! It’s such a great reminder.

You, I, our children, and grandchildren are deeply loved by an amazing God, who also cares deeply for us. And this Mimi finds comfort in being reminded of that truth each day as I sip my morning coffee and reflect on the pages and the truth found in Gracelaced.


Mimi Jackie

p.s. you can also find and follow Ruth Chou Simons on InstaGram, FaceBook and on her website at


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