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A Girlfriends Guide to Gift Giving

Moms are some of the most hardworking, caring, and loving people on earth! While gifts are wonderful to give, personal thoughts and communicating your heartfelt feelings are truly the most beautiful and lasting gift of all.

Not to mention how your sentiments will have a stronger impact on such a special day. For a little inspiration,

I’ve shared several things you may want to say:

Say “I’m proud of you.” This isn’t a statement that should only go from parents to kids. It should go both ways, don't you agree! If you think about it, even our grand-friends, sisters, aunts and mentors would welcome this sentiment. We never stop learning or growing in many ways, so as a result moms would love to hear that you’ve noticed the hard work she’s put in on a project or her parenting, and that you think she did an awesome job! Compliments can go a long way.

Say “Thank You. No matter how often you’re saying this, Mom could probably stand to hear it a few more times. There are numerous sacrifices that moms make and they warrant endless thank you’s.

Say “ Lets spend time together.” The gift of time. In order to not disappoint, go ahead and set up a regular time to call or visit to catch up on everything. This is probably the best gift you could possibly give because we all know that one on one quality time is priceless and I’m sure she wants nothing more than to spend time with you. Years later, she’ll have forgotten the pampering, but she’ll never forget how you made her feel. A standing lunch or coffee date or a FaceTime chat during this time of social distancing will fill her cup more than you’ll know because bonding time with you is as good as it gets. I plan to schedule standing dates with not only my daughter but with my daughter in law as well.

If you’re in search of a tangible gift you could give her in addition to pouring into her with praise, take a look at some of my top gift picks that I personably love for any amazing Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Grand-friend, Aunt, Mentor or fabulous lady you want to celebrate with a little extra love to go along with that praise!

Essential Oil Diffuser:

What mom doesn’t need more relaxation in her life to help boost her mood, increase energy levels or to calm her mind. Some of the more popular oils are Peace and Calming, Peppermint, and Lavender. One of the best diffusers I prefer using is from Young Living. You can find it here.

4 Things Tote:

She can pack all her necessities for the beach, book club, travel, shopping trips, or even like I prefer to use mine as a diaper bag – all while looking cute! This tote is practical and playful and has a laid–back vibe and she’ll love strolling the streets or the beach with this tote. You may even want to tuck a Starbucks gift card inside for an extra treat while she’s out and about. What I love most about The Shop Forward is that when you shop they pay it forward to support programs and organizations that are effectively working to help others around the world, raising $3,671,105 since 2014. Visit their website here. ENDS TODAY: Use code 'mom' for 10% off

Spa Basket: This is one gift she’s sure to love because of the way it will make her feel. Pamper mom by getting her a gift basket that transforms her bathroom in to spa. It’s always wonderful to give that special mom gifts that reflect how much she is appreciated and a spa basket does just the trick. Here is a list of items to include: Shower gel, gourmet soaps, bath bomb, bath salts, loofa, a body brush, lotion, candle, meditation CD, facial mask, a good book to read or this amazing Grandmother journal, that can be personalized with most grandmother names, and lastly a nice pair of slippers. I LOVE these slippers from Amazon!

Candles: I came across Siblings Candles in January and I fell in love with them. The candles have all the benefits of burning high-quality, artisan scents with none of the waste or chemicals. Here’s how it works. Microwave your candle in its plant-based bag to melt the eco-friendly, scented wax. Pour the liquid wax into your favorite vessel, a jelly jar, ceramic vase, or quirky teacup all work well. Let your new candle solidify, trim the wick, light and enjoy!! Prices vary by product. Visit

Mothers Day is a wonderful acknowledgement of all mothers that you may know. As a mom and Mimi, I do enjoy gifts, but more than any tangible item, I believe that simple words and expressions of love are hands down the best gifts to receive. This Mother’s Day tell your mom what she deserves to hear and be sure to spoil her.

I hope my gift ideas will give you a little inspiration and if you have an idea or suggestion, I’d love to hear about them below! And as always,

Let’s cherish this Grand season of life!!

Mimi Jackie


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