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5 Fabulous Workout Must Haves

We have dedicated this month to getting healthy with setting words of intention to focus on in 2022, knowing your numbers and getting yearly screenings to stay on the healthy track.

Today, we decided to share our favorite items when we work out. Whether you walk, hike, ski, do yoga or participate in a class, we hope you will enjoy these. If you haven’t started an exercise program, be sure to check with your doctor and then get moving. We know you can do it!

Gigi Lori’s

When covid first arrived on the scene, we had a total shutdown of the gyms. I frantically looked online for some free weights for a home work out. I found a great set on Amazon, which I love. Free weights have been around forever, they are a tried and proven way to achieve your fitness goals.

Strength training with dumbells is a great workout. I use them for bicep curls, tricep skull crushers, shoulder presses, and they are great for lunges.

Now the gyms are open, but I still pick up the dumbells at home for strength training. I also throw them in the car if we are going away for the weekend, so easy to do a few reps in a hotel room!

No Pain No Gain!

Gigi Lori

Gigi Susie’s

Like I have mentioned before, I enjoy getting outdoors to hike and take in the many facets of nature. Most of the time, I hike with my friends: Heather and/or Barb and it’s a wonderful way to get caught up with each other and it's cheaper than therapy - ha ha!

However, if I hike by myself: I always take my headphones with me to listen to my favorite playlist. Most often than not I listen to Christian contemporary music but I also enjoy the 60/70s, Mindy Gledhill or the Supremes. I’m an Apple gal so my go to for headphones is the Apple AirPods. I recently lost one of my AirPods and contacted Apple. They told me to bring in the case and the AirPod I had and was able to purchase the one I had lost so my set was complete. No matter what headphones you have, put on your favorite playlist or podcast and get your feet moving. After all, we need to keep up with our grandchildren!

"What you do today can improve all your tomorrows"

Ralph Marston

Gigi Susie


Lala Malana’s

Your body can lose more than a quarter of its water in one hour of exercise. It is very important to replace fluids lost through sweat to avoid dehydration which can lead to muscle fatigue and loss of coordination. Drinking enough fluids will also help maintain your concentration and performance. Water is the best drink to satisfy thirst and replace fluids.

I have found what I think to be one of the best containers to keep my hydration flowing. It was a gift from my daughter and I use it every day. It's called the Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler by Stanley. It is 40 oz., so on the larger size. It isn't something you would want to carry on a hike or walk because of the weight, but great to have in your car when you return and perfect for home workouts or to take to the gym. It will keep your beverage cold for 11 hours, 2 days with ice or hot for 7 hours. It is BPA free, has a 3 position lid that screws on and it fits in your car cup holder.

It is recommended that women drink approximately 64 oz of fluid per day. This water bottle is a convenient way for me to regulate my intake and helps insure I am getting the proper hydration I need each day to stay healthy. I keep it on my kitchen counter and I take a drink everytime I walk by it.

So whatever you are doing to stay healthy in 2022, keep it fun, safe and make sure you stay hydrated.

Lala Malana

Mimi Jackie's

A few days after Christmas, my sister reached out to me and introduced me to The Pilates Class, which she came across when the pandemic first started. She then asked me if I wanted to participate in their January Challenge with her, and after doing a little research, I’m so thrilled that she did!! The Pilates Class instructor/founder Jacqui Kingswell has been practicing pilates since she was 12yrs old and has worked as a professional dancer touring with international artists such as Beyonce’, The Voice, One Direction and many more. She has learned the importance of a holistic approach to health and well-being from working with some of the greatest teachers and mentors which inspired her to share her passion with others and become a pilates instructor. She really focuses on technique and posture!

The Pilates Class is an online class which also includes Barre, HIIT, Stretch, Women’s, Pre and Post Natal classes. There really is a class for every body.

My goal in signing up for the January Challenge, is to become healthier, stronger, leaner and to learn how to get some relief from physical tension and mental stress while having a more positive mindset in 2022. Having my sister as my accountability partner for the January Challenge is a huge support and I look forward to her motivation each day as we check in with each other!

You can sign up for The Pilates Class 7 day free trial to access the January Challenge classes. After the free trial the monthly cost is just $29 per month or $139yr. That’s a great price for all the different classes she offers and for the ability to exercise from the privacy of your home or while traveling! All you need is a bottle of water, a mat and an exercise band if you’d like, no gym shoes required! The classes are wonderful with lots to choose from depending on your time, the intensity or the style of class you’re looking for. This platform is truly amazing and it’s become the favorite part of my day! I can see this easily becoming a permanent fitness lifestyle for me and it may very well be for you as well.

Grab your accountability partner (sister, daughter, best friend) and make this your best year yet!! You can also find more information on InstaGram by searching thepilatesclass.


Mimi Jackie

Nana Alison’s

The right shoe insole can provide stability and comfort for your feet no matter what your favorite shoe is, especially as we get older. As a person who has suffered from plantar fasciitis twice, I’ve used Spenco insoles to give me the arch support and cushion I need while exercising. They can also make your favorite athletic shoes last longer. (It's important

to note that these will actually replace the insole that comes with your shoes.) There are all types available depending upon activity and if you have low, medium, or high arches. Check out their website or your favorite sporting goods store. Some are available at Amazon here. They run from $25 to $100 depending on the type.

For your first purchase, I recommend going to a footwear store that does foot evaluations and they can advise you as to what type you need. We have a local store here in the Phoenix area called “Runners Den” that does just that.

So grab your favorite sneakers, give them an update with the right insole, and get moving.


Nana Alison

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*As always consult your physician before taking any supplements or beginning an exercise routine.


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