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Valen-tweens Day

I love Valentines Day! Sometimes we just need a day to remind us to open our hearts to those we love. It can be as simple or as creative as you want and will always put a smile on someone's face. It is about the gestures, not the gifts. I love that it is an all-inclusive holiday to share and I have a few ideas for you, as your kids or grandchildren reach that "tween" age.

I have found as my grandchildren have gotten older they are fond of "quality" chocolate, thanks to their mother. So I have decided to get them one nice box of chocolates instead of several miscellaneous treats. I found these cute gifts at See's Candy. There are several to choose from and I think they are so cute.

I also found very cute pop-up Valentines Day Cards at Home Goods and Marshalls for a much better price than a card shop. They have many styles to choose from but they go fast so don't wait too long.

My older grandchildren also love cooking and are at the age that we feel safe with them taking over the kitchen. I am sending them a couple of ideas on what they can create for themselves or maybe as a "sweet" gesture for mom and dad. That would certainly be a gift of love and the kitchen is a great place to gather and create memories.

Here are a few.

Using a cookie cutter remove the center from your favorite slice of bread. Place both in a hot skillet with melted butter. Drop an egg in the middle of the bread and let cook until the egg is ready to be flipped. Cook until desired doneness. Spread a little strawberry jam on the toasted heart. A candy kiss is also a nice touch!

Making pancakes is always a favorite! If you use a plastic bottle you can create so many different shapes and letters. The skillet is your canvas.

Cinnamon Roll Hearts are so easy to make. Having your tweens enjoy what they are making is the key. It will keep them interested and more likely to want to try new things.

Simply reshape each of the canned cinnamon rolls into a heart and bake according to directions. Spread icing and serve. You could also add pink and red sprinkles for fun.

As you may have read in previous holiday posts, I have always sent a box of fun decorations, usually from the dollar store. My grandchildren, even as they get older, still like to put up some fun garland in their room or something on their door. I love that they still enjoy that and I will probably still send a few things. I just can't help myself.

I have a couple of ideas if you are looking for a fun gift for your Tween grandchildren.

My granddaughter Eloise got one of these Flower Bouquet Building Sets for Christmas. It took her awhile but she was really enjoying the project. She sat in my kitchen while I was cooking so we had fun together watching as it became a beautiful bouquet. I found a cute bud vase for her and she gave the bouquet to her mom. She was so proud of it. It has a lot of tiny pieces so it is suitable for older kids.

Drawing can be fun or frustrating. I found this drawing guide that I think would be perfect to make sure it stays fun!

Marvel is a comic that has always been a favorite of many. Kids, teenagers and even adults. I think learning step by step instructions on drawing these characters would appeal to guys and gals of different ages. It would be a fun skill to develop and could benefit them in the future. This drawing book can be found here.

I hope some of these ideas sound fun for you to share with your Valen-tween sweetheart. Keep it simple and give from the heart.




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