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Our Favorite Hostess Gifts 2022

With the holidays right around the corner and holiday planning parties already starting, we wanted to share some hostess gifts ideas for the 2022 season.

Whether you are going to a co-worker's dinner party, a holiday event, neighborhood Christmas party or staying with someone for the weekend, it is still vogue to bring a little something to thank them. Whether it is a heartfelt thank you note, baked goods or a hand picked gift, trust us everyone likes to feel appreciated.

Keep in mind, hostess gifts should be something special for a host or hostess that they can used for their immediate family or for a future party. If families are invited to the gathering, you might want to give a gift that the whole family can use.

Personalized Dear Santa Tray

This adorable Dear Santa tray we love and can be personalized. Be sure to order early to arrive in time to put out for the jolly old St. Nicholas and his reindeer on Christmas Eve.

It can be found on Etsy. Click here.

Left, Right Center Dice Game

This is such a fun game for kids and families of all ages. It's a fun, high energy game that will soon be one of your family's favorites.

You can order from amazon here.

Friends Trinket Dish

Who wouldn't appreciate this sweet trinket dish for friends to put their jewelry in and to remind them of how much they are thought of and loved.

You can find this cute dish here.

Wine Coasters With Your Favorite Bottle of Wine

We love these super cute and modern marble and gold coasters. You can purchase them here. Why not pair these with your favorite bottle of wine. If you need help finding wine, click on our blog post about phone apps here. In this post, Nana Alison will tell you her favorite wine app that she uses while shopping for wines.

Candy Dish Filled With A Box or Bag of Your Favorite Candy

This classic candy bowl is something that your host/hostess would appreciate. It is elegant and classic. Why not pair it with their favorite candy? If you don't know what their favorite is, Lindor Chocolates are the answer. They are individually wrapped gourmet chocolate and can be found in most grocery stories. You can find the bowls here.

Movie Night Popcorn Set

This fun set is something the whole family will enjoy. It includes kernels as well as flavors for every tastebud.: white cheddar, sweet and salty kettlecorn, chili lime, buttery caramel and sizzling sriracha gourmet seasoning. Purchase it here.

Honey Gift Set

Six (6) 3 oz. jars of honey in Tupelo, Lavender, Wildflower, Black Sage, Saw Palmetto and Orange Blossom. Varieties may change according to the season.

Such a "novel" idea that it was listed as one of Oprah's favorites in 2021. Click here to view and purchase. Gigi Susie & her daughter have beehives. If you missed her blog about it, you can read it here.

State Cheeseboard

Show off where you live with this bamboo state shaped serving and cutting board. Great for serving when entertaining and a great conversation starter.

Purchase here.

Monogrammed Hand and Towel Set

What a wonderful and thoughtful way to say thank you with this monogrammed hand and towel set from Pottery Barn. Your host/hostess will be sure to love these.

Bouquet of Flowers

Everyone loves a bouquet of flowers; however, if you plan to give a bouquet either send it before the party or after a party. Bringing florals to a gathering, while very thoughtful, might make the hostess stressed to put them into a vase right away and find the perfect place to display it. If you send it before with a note, the hostess can place it where she'd like it beautifully displayed or afterwards it can be enjoyed again with a sweet note attached. We love Farm Girl Flowers and they have beautiful arrangements. Click here to see unique and modern varieties that they offer for delivery.

Robert's Infused Olive Oil & Vinegar Gift Set

Certified Organic and Gluten Free

These Gift Sets are a perfect way to thank your host and hostess for an evening of fun and friendship especially if they love to cook. The oils and vinegars come in so many flavors that compliment each other to use as a salad dressing or marinade and so much more. It is fun to mix and match to find just the perfect blend. I use the Lemon, Butter and Tuscan Herb oils quite often for fish and chicken. The Cranberry Pear White Balsamic and a plain extra virgin oil 75/25 ratio makes a wonderful light and flavorful dressing. You can also purchase individual bottles of Robert's flavored vinegars or oils. Wrap one in a festive dish towel or add to a gift basket and you have a great hostess gift. The Gift Sets come in 3 different size options so they are affordable for everyone. The combinations are endless and your friends will love them. You can find them here on Amazon. You will receive excellent customer service from JH Direct.

They also make great Christmas gifts and can be shipped directly to the recipient.

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