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The Beauty of a Handmade Nativity to explain the Christmas Story

We all have family traditions we look forward to each year during the Christmas season.  For myself and our children we’ve found beauty, comfort and love in this hand made Nativity that I hand stitched 30 years ago as a craft project with a few friends. As a young mother, I was looking for a way to introduce our toddler to the birth of Jesus in a simple hands on way.  As our son and daughter grew older; watching the excitement in their eyes each Christmas as they helped unpack their Nativity and set it up was always such a special time for us. 

Fast forward all these Christmases later and I love that, just as much as their parents did, our 5 grandchildren enjoy playing with the very same Nativity. It’s so nice to have a Nativity that the children can pick up and play with while not worrying about it being damaged in any way. It gives us the opportunity to explain the Christmas Story to our grandchildren and not only that, it touches my heart to see the simple beauty in watching our daughter interact with her nephew just as we did with her so many years ago. 

While you may not be able to locate this exact Nativity, there are several similar projects online to help you start your own Christmas tradition with your children or grandchildren and I've linked a site here that you can take a look at for ideas. And, if you happened to miss Gigi Susie's recent post titled Gifts Made With Love, she shares a couple of traditions you may want to consider starting as well! Just click on her title above for the link.

As we continue to adhere to shelter-in-place orders, keep distance from our friends, neighbors, and family, we feel the physical and emotional loneliness take hold, so let's look for the blessing to remember the truth of Christmas: Jesus - Immanuel - is God with us. Together with our children and grandchildren let's open our hearts to prepare Him room.

Let's cherish this grand season of life together!

Love & hugs,

Mimi Jackie


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