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Hey Grandma, What's In Your Bag!

I laugh when I remember being a teenager, and my friend whose mother was a hairstylist told me, "you have beautiful skin; what do you use when you wash your face"? I looked at her with a blank stare because I washed my face with whatever soap my mother purchased that week. Our beauty products in the bathroom were usually Dove Soap, Liquid Prell shampoo, and Right Guard spray deodorant. Not very glamorous, to say the least.

Today I have a vast assortment of beauty products. I have my favorites which I pack when I travel. I am very brand loyal. I have been using the same foundation for the past 20 or so years. I want to share the contents of my makeup bag with you today.

Moisturizer: Dior Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Cream. I love this cream; it is a game-changer for your face. It feels so smooth and soft going on your skin, and you only need a little. It saves my skin in the winter months.

Foundation: Dior Capture Totale. What a fantastic foundation. You apply it in the morning, and it lasts all day. It evens out your skin tone and minimizes pores without looking too heavy. For women over 50, it doesn't cake in lines and creases. It looks and stays natural-looking all day. It is pricey, but you only use a small amount. Well worth the investment.

Eye Shadow: I love Mac eyeshadows. They have lovely pallets of neutrals. I always use an eyeshadow primer, and my favorite is Benefit Stay Don't Stray. I have tried quite a few primers and always come back to this one.

Mascara: Le Volume De Chanel. Great mascara. It thickens without clumping. You will look like you are wearing false eyelashes.

Eyeliner: Chanel Le Crayon Khol Intense Eye Pencil. First of all, it has a great price point, at $30. It is so easy to apply and lasts all day. Perfect for an evening out on the town.

Concealer: Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer. Another great product to stash away in your makeup bag. If you are looking tired, dab a little under the eyes for a quick refreshed look.

Bronzer: Bobby Brown Bronzing Powder. I love to use this on my neck and work my way up to my face. It works wonders to freshen up your complexion, especially when our skin tends to sallow in the winter months.

Blush: Mac Powder Plush. Not everyone likes to apply blush, but check out the selection Mac has to offer if you do.

Lip liner: Mac wins again. My favorite shade is Edge to Edge. This pencil blends wonderfully, and I use it as a base for many lip colors.

Lip Stick: Bobby Brown Lux Lip Color, Uber Pink. Soft looking, excellent color for women over 50.

You may not wear makeup, or perhaps you only wear it when you have a special occasion. Whatever the inspiration, this list is a great selection of fabulous products.

Here's to looking, marvelous darling!

Gigi Lori

"A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous" Coco Chanel


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