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Kitchens Are Made For Bringing Families Together.

One of the things I have missed since moving from Indiana was the many fun afternoons or evenings I had with my sisters and sister-in-laws in the kitchen. It was definitely a gathering space for us to share recipes and catch up on each of our families while preparing a meal for all of us to enjoy together. It is a cherished venue for non-stop conversation, laughter and sometimes tears while we slice and dice to our hearts content. Getting lost in our thoughts and occasionally wondering if we remembered to add the salt. We could certainly put out an award winning meal but the memories we made preparing it together was the icing on the cake.

It had been two years since I visited my family in the Midwest. I just returned and am happy to say we once again made great memories in the kitchen. A family reunion, several cookouts and many fun meals together. In honor of my most recent visit home here are a couple of recipes I wanted to share.

What is better than waking up to the aroma of freshly baked coffee cake? I am not generally a breakfast girl but this was one morning I made the exception. I did not regret it!


1 1/2 C. all purpose flour 1/2 t. ground nutmeg

3/4 C. sugar 1/4 t. salt

2 t. baking powder. 2/3 C. milk

1 1/2 t. grated lemon peel. 1/4 C. melted butter

1 egg - beaten. 1 t. vanilla extract

2 C. fresh or frozen blueberries


3/4 C. sugar

1/2 C. flour

1/4 C. melted butter

Combine first 6 ingredients. Add milk, butter, egg and vanilla. Beat 2 minutes or until well blended. Pour into a greased 9 x 13 pan and sprinkle with blueberries. In a bowl, combine sugar and flour. Cut in the butter with a fork until crumbly and sprinkle over blueberries. Bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees. It is best when moist so make sure not to overcook. This can also be topped with a drizzle of icing if preferred.

A Fresh Strawberry Pie is the perfect ending to a hot summer day. Top it off with Homemade Whipped Cream and it is "Sweet Dreams" .


6 C. fresh strawberries hulled, washed and drained

3/4 C. granulated sugar

3 T. cornstarch

1/2 C. water

Blend 1 cup of the berries with a food processor and set aside. In a small sauce pan, whisk together sugar and cornstarch. Stir in water and blended strawberries. Bring to a boil over medium temperature, stirring constantly. Let the mixture boil and stir for 3 more minutes until thick and translucent. Set aside and let cool for 10 minutes. Line a baked pie shell with the remaining 5 cups of berries, cutting some in half in order to fit better. Poor the cooled glaze over the strawberries, making sure that all the berries are coated with the glaze and no dry spots remain. Chill pie for 2-3 hours until set. Top with fresh whipping cream before serving.


1 C. heavy whipping cream

1/2 t. vanilla

2 T. powdered sugar

Combine heavy whipping cream, vanilla and powdered sugar. Whip at high speed until soft peaks form.

This pie is best served on the day it is made to prevent the crust from getting soggy.

I am gathering a few recipes to make with my grandchildren when I go to visit them next month. These will definitely make the list. Sharing time in the kitchen is a wonderful thing to pass on to your grandchildren. It shows them that the simple things in life can be some of the most special and memorable of times.

I hope to return to Indiana this fall to see my family during apple season, my favorite time of year in the Midwest. The crisp weather, Fall Festivals, and the sweet aroma of apples and cinnamon in everything from candles to delicious desserts. I look forward to having more fun memories and recipes to share!


A gathering place for friends and family. A place where memories are homemade and seasoned with love.

Stay safe,



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