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Kid’s Thanksgiving Turkey Snack Bags

Every year as I begin planning our Thanksgiving Day Feast, I always look for fun ways to keep the grandchildren, nieces and nephews happy, engaged and content throughout the day. Mostly because when our family, including extended family, all gather together there is anywhere from 25-30 of us, and more than half of that number are children!

Like most families, we will have a children’s table set for dinner. For the last couple of years, I’ll begin by setting their table with this cute paper activity tablecloth. The kids love it so much because of the tic tac toe, word search, mazes, dot to dot, and not to mention all the coloring that can be done. The kids will come right in, claim their seat, start coloring, and helping the younger ones color as well. They’re so engaged with the tablecloth that they aren’t running around while the adults are enjoying their appetizers, sipping wine and telling stories, and then eventually dinner is served. How perfect is that?

This year, I plan to make for each of the children, their own cute little turkey snack bag “appetizer”. These Turkey Snack Bags are not only perfect for the kids’ table on Thanksgiving, but also a really great idea for school parties, long road trips and play dates with friends. Here’s a simple list of the items I used:

· Popcorn for the older kids, Cheerios for the younger ones

· Colored Goldfish Crackers

· Red & Orange Felt or pipe cleaner for feet (optional)

· Googly eyes (optional)


Its super simple to assemble your Turkey Bags! Just pop the popcorn and after it has cooled down, you can get to work on filling the bags. Begin by filling the four fingers with the colored goldfish. Next, fill the palm and thumb with your popcorn or Cheerios and tie or twist tie the glove at the bottom. That’s it!!! If you have enough time you can cut a beak out of the felt or use pipe cleaner then simply glue them on the thumb finger and add the googly eyes on. Kids love anything with googly eyes and you’ll love how cute and simple the Turkey Snack Bags were to assemble, not to mention the festive addition they make to the kids table. So as you’re enjoying your appetizers you can be sure the kiddos will gobble down their own “appetizer” snack bag.

If you’re looking for an easy coloring activity be sure to check out our FREE printable Fall Coloring page here!

May your Thanksgiving be stuffed to the brim with happiness and love!

Let's cherish this Grand season of life.


Mimi Jackie

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