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The perfect gift

I think my daughter has a touch of perfectionism when throwing a party. She has a zealousness for decorating; there is the drink station with cute cups and chalk signs, the cake station, the party favor station, etc. I blame Pinterest. Gone are the days when everyone came over for cake and ice cream, sang happy birthday, and called it a day. Now parties have turned into a picture-perfect moment just waiting to happen.

The guest of honor, my granddaughter, who was turning one, seemed unaffected. She wobbled around, showing off her relatively new talent of walking upright. The adults swooned over her, and rightly so, she is too cute for words, with her red hair and bright blue eyes. Me being a natural redhead love seeing my recessive gene passed on.

As with birthdays, the gifts were piled high, and she was bored after opening the first one. Until she opened one from her aunt, a book from Jellycat, "If I Were A Unicorn".

She teetered around, holding onto the book all afternoon, thrusting it into your hand so she could enjoy the pages with you. We read it over and over, her never tiring, me exhausted with all the repetitions.

What's cool about this pint-sized board book, it's full of sensory items to stimulate cognitive development. There are shiny, soft, curly, and fluffy pictures on each page. The storyline is adorable with illustrations that bring the unicorn to life.

I find these books a perfect way to start your child reading. They are easy to hold, and some have a fluffy tail sticking out.

Each Jellycat book has a cuddly stuffed animal to go along with the book. The stuffed animals are sold separately and well worth the money. There is a good assortment of books to choose from.

They are perfect for the Pinterest photo opp, which, of course, with all the iPhone cameras, we had plenty to choose from.


Gigi Lori


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