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How My Grandkids' Handprints Touched My Heart

My husband and I realize how deeply blessed we are to have five healthy and thriving grandchildren. We couldn’t be more thrilled that our children and their families live within a 15-minute drive of our home! We’re able to continue our family tradition of Sunday night dinners together at what the grandchildren refer to as “Mimi’s House”. However, the time we spend together with them is definitely not limited to just our Sunday dinners. We jump at any chance to have the grandchildren over to play and now that our oldest grandchild is in Kindergarten we sit down with him and come up with a weekend to plan a fun sleepover at Mimi and Papa’s!

Our five grandkids are all 6 years old and under. When they come to play, we stay busy with everything from building with Lego’s, watching movies, snuggling and tickling, hide and seek, lots of snacking and what seems like a constant desire for them to slide open and closed the glass doors that lead out to our backyard. They love to play on the playground, ride on the electric toys, play basketball or soccer. And it never fails, that when our play date comes to an end there is always at least one or two that cry when it's time to head home. Oh my heart!

Once all the kiddos are strapped in their car seats and headed home, I begin the task of cleaning up. I don’t mind doing so because, as I put each toy or pillow back in its place I remind myself that one day, I’ll look back and quietly reminisce on our time together and the bonding that took place.

As I continue to tidy up, I can’t help but notice the many little handprints left on our glass doors. And that’s when it struck me; to me, it wasn’t a mess, but instead a beautiful reminder that these weren’t just any handprints, they were our grandchildren’s! How could I just wipe them away? As I pondered the impressions they made not only on our glass door but also on our hearts, this thought became another clear reminder of how blessed we are to have these precious little ones in our lives.

As I sat down to admire their little handprints I said a prayer that as their Mimi and Papa we too would leave our handprints on their hearts. Handprints to always remind them of the unconditional love we have for each of them and the greatest love of all, that which comes from God alone. I pray that our handprints will have taught them about kindness and compassion towards one another. That they are reminded of the joy, laughter and the love we shared while creating memories, that we hope will stay with them throughout life. I also pray that our prayers for them today and tomorrow will lead them to know Jesus.

So with that, I couldn’t get myself to wipe their little handprints from the glass doors, not just yet. I wanted the reminder of our time spent together to linger in my heart a little longer because those handprints have definitely touched Mimi and Papa's hearts as well. And as I glance out the glass doors, I can’t help but smile.

Now, here’s a little tip you may find helpful when it comes to cleaning up after your precious grandchildren: You can use Thieves Household Cleaner by Young Living (1 capful with 3 cups of water in a spray bottle) to safely clean both baby and kids toys! Simply spray toys, play equipment, train tables, dollhouses, toy organizers or shelves to remove dirt and naturally clean. It’s safe to use around kids and pets and has a plant–derived formula. I've been using Thieves Cleaner for years now and I LOVE it!!


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