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Guilty Pleasure Books-a few of my favs

Ladies, let’s be honest, how many of us take the time to read just for pleasure? I don’t know about you, but I feel like when I DO have time to read, that I should be reading something educational, spiritual or historical. You know… some type of “How to be a better ______.” I started to write this post about some of the best self-improvement books that I’ve read and I suddenly had an epiphany! Maybe I don’t read as often as I can and should, because I don’t allow myself to read something purely for enjoyment! So on that note, I have decided to share what I call my “vacation” books. Here are a few books that over many years, I have allowed myself to read and enjoy while on vacation.

Let’s start with one of my favorite authors, Dorothea Benton Frank. If you want a good beach read, I highly recommend Sullivan’s Island. The main character is Susan, a middle-aged woman finding herself newly divorced thanks to her cheating husband. She returns to her childhood home on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina to stay with her sister. Some past family memories are revisited and family secrets are revealed. It’s a story within a story. Her writing style is warm and humorous and there’s a moment in the book where I actually laughed so hard that my husband made me describe what was “so funny.” She also wrote a sequel, “Return to Sullivan’s Island” in which Susan’s daughter, now all grown up, is the main character. Most of her books are set in The South and I’ve always had a fascination with the Carolina’s and southern beaches, so that’s probably another reason I’ve enjoyed these so much!

You may have read in my bio that I have a weird fascination for true-crime. My husband jokingly tells people that I know ten different ways to kill him without getting caught. I think it’s because I am fascinated with the psychological mind and what makes people commit evil acts. In any case, I am not alone, based on the popularity of true-crime stories on Netflix and The ID Channel! Ann Rule is probably the most famous true-crime author in recent history. She was a gifted writer who was able to completely describe both the victim and the killer with fascinating personal detail and analysis. She made the story read almost like a novel and even though you know what’s coming, her books are so suspenseful. One of her best is Every Breath You Take in which the real life victim actually told someone “If anything ever happens to me…find Ann Rule and ask her to write my story.” She passed a few years ago but her books are the mainstay of the true-crime section of any bookstore.

The last book I want to mention is an oldie but goodie. Shining Through by Susan Isaacs was made in to a movie starring Melanie Griffith in 1992. (I told you it was old!) It’s one of my favorite books of all times. It’s a witty, suspenseful romance set in WWII. . My copy is weathered and worn and will always be in my bookcase.

Sadly, I do not have any newer books to review. As I revealed earlier, I have not been allowing myself to indulge in reading strictly for pleasure. Well, I intend to change that! I think I’ll start by taking the advice of my friend, Mimi Jackie, in her recent post about self-care. I will indulge by reading a book that my fellow gigi, Lori, recommended in her post! I think we should all take the time to read something enjoyable! If you have a favorite, let us know!


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