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Finding a Happy Place

When my grandchildren were smaller and lived close, we spent many hours together. I would have play days, babysit or have weekend dinners with the whole family. One of the things I remember fondly is curling up on the couch and reading to them. They would get so excited and bring me about 20 books to read. We would narrow it down and set some aside for the next time. Now, they are 10 and 6, live in California and can read to themselves.

During this time of the COVID 19 and "shelter in place" we are all experiencing separation anxiety and trying to keep from going stir crazy. I have tried to come up with some ideas to keep the communication flowing and help my grandchildren understand the change to their routine and what other things they can do to switch it up a bit. My daughter and her husband, along with so many other parents, are also experiencing a huge change to their day to day activities and keeping their home a "Happy Place" is a full time job. With overtime!

I know a book can do wonders for the soul so I have found some reading books, as well as, activity books that I have sent to my grandchildren. They love getting a package and giving them something new to occupy some of their time works for everyone. Thank goodness for Amazon! The reading books are for the 6-10 age group but the activity sticker books come in many age levels and animal choices. My granddaughter loves Cats so I selected that one for her and the Parrot for my grandson. Of course, when they arrived there was a disagreement. A Lala can only do so much! Upon hearing this, I explained to them how I came up with my choices and that they could trade pages. It was as if a light switched on and they said "OH YEAH!" and they were off to create. I wasn't done talking but they were happy for the moment and l was OK with that. It was the very same thing my daughter had told them but it made perfect sense coming from Lala. You will find this is a common event as the grandkids get older - haha!

This is such a special time in our lives and any experience that we can share with each other to encourage or learn from is a blessing.

I have included a link below if you are interested in the items I have mentioned above. Also keep in mind that Easter delivery times are taking a little bit longer so order sooner than later.

Here are some great reading books:

Here are the sticker books I mentioned!

Have a wonderful day and stay safe!



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