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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Your Grandchild Will Love.

It's hard to believe this Saturday is October 1st and Halloween is 34 days away! It's time to start formulating those clever costume ideas. Of course, you can always buy a costume if you run out of time, we've all been there, but with a little planning you can go the homemade route this Halloween and even enlist your grandchild to help in creating it. We've put together several easy costume ideas for your favorite little trick-or-treaters, that will take minimal time to make. You may even want to gather a group of friends or your family members to dress up as a DIY group costume! What FUN!! If you missed Gigi Susie's blog last Halloween on how to make personalized Halloween bags for your trick or treaters, click here.

We'd also like to mention a few easy tips you can incorporate to keep everyone safe this Halloween. Some of our top tips are to carry a glow stick, use flashlights, or you can use reflective tape or stickers on costumes and bags and wear light colors if possible. Choosing face paint over masks will prevent obstructing a child's vision while walking. And we all want to keep our homes safe for young visitors by removing any tripping hazards like garden hoses, toys, bikes or lawn decor. Sweep leaves off any walkways or steps and restrain pets so they won't jump on any trick-or-treaters. This Halloween you may want to consider offering a few non-edible goodies. You can visit the Teal Pumpkin Project, which offers safe options for the one in 13 children living with food allergies! Lastly, remind kids to cross the street at corners or crosswalks and to slow down and always stay alert.

Let's make this Halloween one to remember with our grandchildren!

As grandparents, we more than likely are at a stage in our lives that we can help the younger generations with the "essentials" like their Halloween costumes. Personally, it might be easier to purchase a cute one rather than make one & if you choose to go that route, we love the Halloween Costumes from Pottery Barn Kids . Granted they're not inexpensive; however, if you can splurge on them, they are all super cute and even have coordinating trick or treat bags. Here are some that they have this year that are adorable but there are many to choose from, including baby, toddlers, kids & family costumes, on their website. Order early to get them in time to wear to pumpkin patches and Halloween trick-or-treating!

We love the clothes, no slogans, sustainable and durable clothes from They sell clothes from infants through size 14. If your trick or treater has come up what they want to be for Halloween and you don't know where to begin, ask the primary concierge. You just tell them the costume to create and they will send you detailed instructions back on how to create them at no charge. If you decide to order something that they recommend, for first time customers, you will receive 20% off your order. We promise, you will not be disappointed in the clothes apparel and their price point.

For those who have grandchildren that are obsessed with all things pink, fluffy, magical and pretty then this simple DIY Unicorn may just be the perfect costume for them! If you live in a cooler climate this will be a great option if the weather tends to be a littler chillier on Halloween night.

Simple DIY Pink Unicorn Costume



  • 2 Pink Feather Boa's

  • White Hoodie & Sweatpants

  • 2 sheets of Pink Felt

  • Unicorn Headband (purchased on Amazon at this LINK)

  • Safety Pins

  • Hot Glue & Glue Sticks

  • Scissors


Using the Pink Felt sheet cut an oval and hot glue it to the front center of the hoodie. Refer to the photo.

Cut the Pink Feather Boa in half and set one half aside. One half of the boa will be used for the tail and the other half for the mane of the unicorn. Fold one piece of the boa in half and safety pin the center cords together approximately every 4". The safety pins won't show because the feathers are so fluffy. Safety pin one end to the top of the hoodie and continue pinning it down the back of the hoodie to secure it. This is for the mane. Fold in half the other piece of the boa that you set aside and pin together again approximately every 4", using safety pins, continue pinning the boa in 4" sections. Safety pin one end of the boa securely to the top back of the waistband on the sweatpants for the unicorn tail.

Lastly, add the Unicorn Headband!!! You can purchase it at this link on Amazon!

You can watch this short video tutorial. It’s helpful to have a visual, however, I modified the costume to make it even easier by purchasing the Unicorn Headband on Amazon. For further clarification, follow the instructions at

Growing up my dad instilled a love for Halloween at or house. Part of the fun was coming up with different ideas for our costumes. We never even thought about buying one. We were somewhat encouraged to be a little creative with whatever we could find to use. I continued to do the same when my kids were small and even now, I have to admit that I love coming up with my own ideas.

There are endless possibilities for making your own costume. If you start out with a black top and pants you can be several costumes such as:

  • Mickey or Minnie Mouse,

  • Bumble Bee

  • Witch

  • Black Cat

  • Spider

If you have something white your costume could be:

  • Ghost

  • Mummy

  • Dalmatian

  • Chicken

  • Bunny

These would all be simple to create just by adding a few accessories and fun make-up. The headpiece usually completes the costume and that is easy to create. Here are a few costumes that we did in the past. A shredded sheet over a white sweatsuit for the Zombie. For little Audrey Hepburn we added a tiara, blinged sunglasses and , of course, a strand of pearls. The red and white polka dot material made into a skirt and bow created Minnie who was watching over the Christmas Elf. Smurfette required a little bit of white material and some yellow yarn to create her headpiece that, as you can see, put a smile on her blue face.

Whatever costume your child/grandchildren decides to be, we hope they always choose to be kind.

Happy Halloween and safe trick-or-treating!

Gigi Ladies

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