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Do you stress when you need to buy a shower gift for a new baby? I do, I fret every time I shop, wavering back and forth on what to buy. I want to get something they will treasure. I want to hear the gasp "Oh, I just love this"! Let's be honest; no one wants their gift to go into the regive pile. Well, a couple of years ago, I traveled across the country to my hometown in Pennsylvania for my 40th class reunion. I was only in town for a couple of days and decided to visit my cousin. I had been to her home a few times but never really had the opportunity to hang out. So on this occasion, she offered to give me a tour of her home. Upstairs in the bedroom, her daughter had as a child, were a collection of books by Beatrix Potter. My cousin reminded me how I sent them as a gift when her daughter was born some 30 years ago. Yes, there they were, the full collection of short stories. I had until this moment forgotten the gift sent many years ago. The books were well cared for, you might even say, treasured. My cousin went on to tell me how the books were her daughter's favorite. She read them each evening before bedtime. I purchased the set for my grandchildren. I picked up the first volume, which is Peter Rabbit, to read to my grandson. He was three at the time, and he listened intently to the story, how mean old Mr. McGregor chased Peter around the garden trying to capture him. He was enthralled with the tale, and I loved seeing his eyes widen as the story unraveled. He would take the book into his little hands and study the pictures, asking questions here and there. This is a GiGi moment I love, introducing an extraordinary book. I felt emotional sharing this magical "first" with him, as he snuggled up against me, I read to him, animating the characters with silly voices because this is what GiGi's do. So, If you haven't had the pleasure of reading the adventures of these tiny forest animals, you are missing out on lovely tales. These books are timeless treasures, filled with stories young children can relate to. So many times, we settle for a movie or cartoon instead of a book. I, for one, realize if my grandchildren are watching a movie, I am not interacting with them. Memories are cultivated in little hearts and minds spent on laps of grandparents. All of the books in the set are endearing. I love the old fashioned phrases and, the illustrations alone are worth buying the books for. Beatrix Potter herself did the watercolor drawings. These books are truly classic. The full series can be found online at Target and also on eBay. If you are only interested in purchasing Peter Rabbit, it can be found on Amazon.


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