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Baby Strollers, High Chairs & Car Seats: Save or Splurge?

Every parent wants the best for their baby, but when it comes to making purchases, sometimes the question is whether to splurge or save.

When it comes to strollers, high chairs, and car seats, you should always buy the best quality your budget can afford. Here's why:

It’s all about safety!

With strollers, you want to be sure that your baby won't fall out or accidentally undo the safety locks, so it's worth it to invest in a sturdy model. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a new standard in 2015 for overall stroller safety. If you’re a grandparent, then you’ll want not only a stroller that is safe but one that is somewhat lightweight so you can lift it in and out of your car as well as one that will be easy to open and close. There are two strollers that we love in particular and have purchased. The first one can be found at this link on Amazon. And the other can be found at this link. The second stroller I love because it's very lightweight and compact. It can be purchased as a double stroller as well. My daughter uses this one for outings with both her 3yr old son and 2yr daughter.

High chairs are also a safety concern—you need something that won't tip over when your baby starts launching food willy-nilly. Look for sturdiness and durability—your child will probably slam their toys down on the high chair tray more than once, so make sure you buy one with high-quality materials. If you missed Mimi Jackie’s blog on baby gear, you can find it here! Be sure to check out her links in her blog for some additional recommended baby gear and where to purchase them.

And with car seats, cheaper ones aren't safe at all—they don't necessarily protect your child in unforeseen events. You want a car seat that will keep them safe during rough rides as well as everyday use. Look for indicators of safety like good online reviews or you can try the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) car seat finder for the right types of seats for your little one. You will also want to assess your vehicles back seat as you consider the size of your family and who might also be occupying the back seat. I would definitely find one that is easy to install and is easy to move from one car to another. Here is one that we love and can be found at this link on Amazon.

And because safety standards are always evolving and manufacturers are constantly improving products for babies, newer gear is almost always safer as we can’t always guarantee that parts aren’t loose, broken, or missing.

Of course, a high price tag isn't always associated with best quality. So shop around and do a little more research before making a purchase to find out which features you really want and pick the one that works for you—and your baby or grand baby! Now that Amazon Prime days are here, you should be able to find a great deal on baby gear!

Got any more questions? Check out more useful tips and information from our blog here at The Gigi Connection.

Happy shopping friends!


Mimi Jackie


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