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A Few Of Our Favorite Things For Women

Our Picks - June, 2021

Gigi Lori's Favorite

My new favorite luxury item is the Tesalate Beach Towel. They are soft, vibrant towels compact enough to stuff into a medium-size tote bag. They come in beautiful patterns; choosing one will be difficult, but for me, the feature I love the most, sand does not stick to the towel. Yes! You can leave the beach sand free wrapped in your stunning Tesalate towel. Oh, and did I mention they are quick drying. No more soggy, dirty towels handing over chairs to dry.

Gigi Susie's Favorite

Do you dislike wasting food? I know I do. I've tried traditional composting before and it was not for me. I'm a gal that likes instant results. So, while shopping with my adult daughter one day, I came across the Vitamix Food Cycler. It's the coolest appliance I own. All you need is one cubic feet of space and a power outlet to get started - it's that easy! The carbon filter lid eliminates odors, so you can keep the removable waste bucket under your sink or on your countertop and conveniently fill it with food scraps after every meal. Fruit cores, vegetable peels, dairy, chicken bones, and more—the Food Cycler transforms food scraps into fertilizer and reduces your family’s food waste. From morning to night, Vitamix FoodCycler make it easy to take care of yourself (and the planet).

How it Works: Simply toss your food scraps into the bucket, press the button, and relax. The Food Cycler breaks down food waste into a tenth of its original volume and creates a nutrient-rich fertilizer you can add to your soil. And the best part? The carbon filtration system eliminates odors, making it perfect for indoor use.

In a matter of hours, it turns food scraps into dirt. No more wasting food!

Lala Malana's Favorite

I am constantly trying to find ways to keep my skin moisturized. Aging, along with the Arizona "dry heat" is not kind to my skin. I have bought many different lotions and potions and recently found something I really love. Dr Teals Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak with Pure Epsom Salt and Essential Oils.

It can be used for a wonderful relaxing spa in the tub or as an exfoliant. The Pure Epson salt eases aches and soreness from muscle pains and the Mineral Rich Pink Himalayan Salt will replenish and recharge. Make sure you get the soak that has Essential Oils added. My favorite is the Refresh and Replenish with Bergamot and Sweet Orange. The oils help provide relief from stress and it provides a moisture barrier that leaves your skin feeling so soft and silky . I apply it in the shower using an exfoliating body glove. Don't scrub too hard and do not use on freshly shaven legs. Trust me on that!! My skin is especially dry so I still finish off with a lotion to provide even more hydration. Enjoy a more smooth and silky skin this summer.

Mimi Jackie's Favorite

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream, For Ice Cream!

I love dessert. All kinds. But there’s something about ice cream that makes you feel happy. Maybe it’s the simplicity or the endless supply of flavor options. Doesn't everyone likes ice cream?

We received our Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker as a gift and I’m so glad we did because for me, it meant making memories with the grandkids and I wanted some of our fun memories to be

made in the kitchen together! Our ice cream maker gets lots of use, probably because living in Arizona you can easily eat ice cream year round. Our grandchildren aren’t too particular in that their favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla! It actually makes for a fun ice cream party where we set up a buffet of treats to add to their bowl of ice cream. We love to add chocolate syrup, M&M’s, Oreo cookies, sprinkles and whip cream, however our oldest grandson Bentley prefers plain vanilla without any toppings. It’s that GOOD!

Our grandchildren love to pull up a chair and help Mimi measure and mix together the simple 5 ingredients. We’ll typically do this as soon as they come over because the mixture needs to be covered and refrigerated for 2 hours before it mixes in the ice cream maker for about 20 minutes.

Included in the instructions are about 25 recipes for ice cream, yogurt and sorbet. Right now, the adults are really enjoying the Lemon Basil Sorbet, which is so refreshing and light. So, if you were looking for a fun and simple activity to enjoy with your grandchildren this summer, I would highly recommend the Cuisinart Ice Cream maker. Just add your ingredients to the bowl, press ON, and the machine does the rest!

All you need is love and maybe a little ice cream, but never settle for just one scoop!

Nana Alison's Favorite

Do you need something to watch? My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the seven part suspense thriller, “Mare of Easttown.” Mare is a middle-aged detective in a small township on the outskirts of Philadelphia, who is dealing with the recent death of her adult son, while raising her grandchild and troubled teen daughter. She is known and loved by everyone in the area for making the winning basket in the state basketball championship some twenty years earlier. Now, she finds herself in the middle of a complicated murder case of a local young woman that might be tied to the disappearances of two other women. She pours herself into the case, ignoring her own family struggles until she is forced to face them. This show has so many twists and turns that it will definitely keep you watching, so be prepared to binge!

Mare is played by Kate Winslet of “Titanic” fame. Her acting is phenomenal. I’d be shocked if she’s not nominated for an Emmy for this role. Her love interest, Richard, is played by Guy Pearce, known for his excellent role in “LA Confidential” (another great movie if you haven’t seen it). Mare’s mom is played by Jean Smart, who is an accomplished actress of her own. All of the actors worked on the dialect in Delaware County in order to be authentic, which is amazing since at least three of them are British. If you are from that area of Pennsylvania, you will recognize and appreciate the pronunciation details.

“Mare of Easttown” is available on HBO and streaming on HBO Max. You can watch the trailer here. If you don’t have HBO, call your cable provider and ask for a free or reduced-price trial. If you stream, it’s worth checking on an introductory price for the HBO Max app. I suggest signing up and canceling later, if you don’t want to be a permanent subscriber. It is a show worth paying for.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Grab the popcorn and dig in!

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